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Cotton Candy Sheep Event (2023)

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Cotton Candy Sheep Event (2023) Advertisement
April 27th, 2023 - May 25th, 2023


Do you have what it takes to care for the cute little sheep and defeat the Giant Sheep Wolves? Brave Milletians can test their mettle against these fearsome wolves each weekend. Success grants you a pet Cotton Candy Sheep of your choice. Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

Haughty Sheep Mask with Spring Bouquet

Baa-Baa Box Rewards



Gem sizes here are 10cm, except Diamond have either 5cm or 10cm.


Big Dreams for Little Animals

[Guide] Big Dreams for Little Animals
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Cotton Candy Sheep Event (2023) event

Briefing Greetings from Dunbarton. I am-- Argh, this letter-writing stuff is so tedious! Let's get to the heart of it: any Milletians out there have a thing for tiny, cute animals? If so, come find me! You're in for a treat!
- From: A Cute and Tiny Milletian -
  • 10000 Experience Points
  • 3000 Gold
Additional Information
  • Find Tiny-Animal-Loving Milletian in Dunbarton.

Weekly Quest

  • The weekly quest resets every Thursday at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • The event items reset daily at 7:00 AM PDT. Any Super Sheepy Snacks in your possession will be removed when logging in or changing channels after the daily reset.
    • You are able to feed the sheep another six times if you are logged in when the daily reset occurs. This will not count against feeding it for the new day, as logging in again will reset the event properly and still allow you to feed the sheep normally. This allows one to effectively feed the sheep twice as much. Be aware that any Super Sheepy Snacks, even those gained after the reset, will still vanish upon relogging or changing channels.

Ewe Want to Bulk Up!

[Event] Ewe Want to Bulk Up!
How to Get Quest

Completed the quest, Big Dreams for Little Animals.

Briefing Baa! Baaa! Ba-baaaaa!
Additional Information
  • You must summon your Cotton Candy Sheep (Aspiring to TRUE STRENGTH!) before feeding it Super Sheepy Snacks.
  • You can acquire Super Sheepy Snacks two ways:
    • When you stay logged in with your main character, you will receive 1 Super Sheepy Snacks every hour.
    • The Giant Sheep Wolves spawn every hour to the northwest of Dunbarton. Defeating the Giant Sheep Wolves will drop five Super Sheepy Snacks each.
  • You can feed the Cotton Candy Sheep up to six times each day.
  • After feeding the Cotton Candy Sheep, you will receive one Baa-Baa Box.

Completion Quest

The Mighty Cotton Candy Sheep

[Event] The Mighty Cotton Candy Sheep
How to Get Quest

Completed the quest, Big Dreams for Little Animals.

Briefing I'll leave the training of my lovely little Cotton Candy Sheep in your capable hands!
- A Tiny-Animal-Loving Milletian -
Additional Information
  • Help the Cotton Candy Sheep (Aspiring to TRUE STRENGTH!) grow over 500 cm by feeding it Super Sheepy Snacks.
    • The Cotton Candy Sheep grows 4 - 5 cm each time it is fed.