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Beauty Shop

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Future content.png As of Merlin, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Dressing Room.
The studio offers previews of character customizations, emotions, and various gestures. A second menu keeps track of selected items with their corresponding prices.



Inside the studio.

Want to show off your fashion sense, but your fighting style forces you to run around in clunky heavy armor? Crave the freedom to look exactly how you want, regardless of the situation? Then the Beauty Shop is for you! This new system will let you equip a costume in your costume slot. This costume will appear on your avatar, but it won't affect your stats. Now you keep the bonuses from your normal armor while customizing your appearance however you want!

This feature will give you control over your appearance that's never been seen before in Mabinogi. Whether you want a complete makeover or simply a haircut, the Beauty Shop is the place for you.[1]


  • To enter the Beauty Shop, click on the button at the bottom of the game interface labelled "Beauty Shop" and then click "Go to Beauty Shop"
  • Like the Homestead, when the player leaves, items dropped on floor will disappear from within the Beauty Shop.
  • All items within the Beauty Shop, with the exception of the Beauty Shop Bag, are purchased with Pons.
  • Coco offers players the choice to change their character's face, skin color, hair, hair color, eye, eye color, and mouth.
    • A menu keeps track of selected customizations with their corresponding prices.
      • Face, hair, eye, and mouth changes are 5 Pons each.
      • Skin color, hair color, and eye color changes are 3 Pons each.
  • Ropa sells special headgear, clothes, gloves, and boot items that cover the player's current gear.
    • These items have a choice of 30-day expiry or 180-day expiry, with the 180-day expiry versions costing twice as many Pons as their 30-day counterparts.
    • The colors of some of the items change every time you exit and reenter.
    • These items can only be worn in the Decorative Equipment Tab.
      • In order to unlock this tab the player must have used the Fashion Slot Key, also sold by Ropa.
        • All characters receive one free 30-day Fashion Slot Key.


NPC Occupation Location
Beautician Beauty Shop
Clothing seller Beauty Shop