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Arpeggio Concert Hall
File:Arpeggio Concert Hall2.png
Arpeggio Concert Hall
File:Arpeggio Concert Hall3.jpg
Arpeggio Concert Hall


Concert Hall replaced the fishing spot -Kid playing in Water
CHECK: No thunder or lightning, rain turns to Autumn leaves
CHECK: has several designs
Cool fireworks at night, get screenies!

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Kid Playing in Water.png
Kid Playing in Water
Rental Manager Andante.png
Rental Manager Andante
Rental Manager Forever locked in his personal hell of nodding his head in a 3 second animation that is forever looped.
Ticket Master Largo.png
Ticket Master Largo
Ticket Master
General Manager Forte.png
General Manager Forte
General Manager/Stage Manager?
Souvenir Seller Rubato.png
Souvenir Seller Rubato
Souvenir Seller Has Kid-age dialog for players
Wandering Instrument Merchant Lento.png
Wandering Instrument Merchant Lento
Instrument Merchant
Male Dance Troupe.png
Male Dance Troupe
Poof at 7AM
Female Dance Troupe.png
Female Dance Troupe
Show up at 7AM
Loafing Cat.png
Loafing Cat
Carefree Dog.png
Carefree Dog
Nibbling Bunny.png
Nibbling Bunny
Frazzled Cotton Candy Sheep.png
Frazzled Cotton Candy Sheep
Cotton-Candy-Crazed Raccoon.png
Cotton-Candy-Crazed Raccoon