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Icon Name Type Color Defense Protection Durability
Sold By
Obtained From
Amber Twinkling Butterfly Wings
2 × 2
Amber Twinkling Butterfly Wings
0 0 0 0 10
  • None
Amethyst Diamond Wings
0 0 0 0 10
  • None

Methods to Obtain

NPC Shops

Who Where Cost
Nerys Dunbarton ?g

original animated headbands renamed with the prefix "Wiggling"

non-animated ones first showed up in Halo Gachapon

Wiggling Majestic Stag Headband, Wiggling Droopy Dog Ear Headband, Wiggling Folded Dog Ear Headband, Wiggling Bunny Ear Headband
Wiggling Droopy Kitty Ear Headband, Propeller Headband renamed Spinning Propeller Headband

Serenity Rod.png Serenity Rod - 1x3 Slow 2-Hit Weapon, Attack 8-50, Injury 0-0%, Crit 15%, Balance 35%, Dura 20, yes enchant, no reforge
A rod designed to match the magical heroine outfit. The gem in the center holds magical power.

Illusion Rod.png Illusion Rod - 1x3 same stats as Serenity Rod
A rod designed to match the magical hero outfit. The gem in the center holds magical power.

Scythe that Reaps Darkness.png Scythe that Reaps Darkness - 2x3 Normal 3 hit weapon, Attack 29-54, Injury 0-0%, Crit 10%, Balance 35%, dura 15, no enchant, no upgrade, no reforge
A scythe used by a god of death. The large crystal decoration is said to be tainted by dark energy. Wield cautiously.

Attache.png Attache - 2x2 Fast 3 hit weapon, Attack 26-43, Injury Rate 0-0%, Crit 20%, Balance 60%, Dura 10/10, yes es, yes ref, no upgrades
A fine case with beautiful edges and exquisite detail work. It's big enough to hold not just documents but an entire suit. (Can't equip shields)

Baseball Bat.png Baseball Bat - 1x4 m-only, yes ref, no es, no upgrades, Only males can equip this item.
Score a home run by smashing a baseball with this bat!

Pom Poms.png Pom Poms
Used by cheerleaders. Use these pom poms in close quarters, and even the deadliest martial artists won't want to mess with you!
Normal 1 Hit Weapon, Attack 9-151, Injury Rate 0-0%, Critical 15%, Balance 1%, Durability 22 (?), Female-only, Reforgable, Cannot Enchant, Cannot Upgrade, icon 2x2

stupid confusing non-weapon-weapons hskjdhflakjdh

OX Quiz Box.png Midsummer Mission Reward Box
A box purchased with monthly mission points. Within it might be outfits, wigs, or items for your character. No expiration, can stack.

Mystery Box.png Skill Training Potion Surprise Box (from above box from Mission Point Event)
A box for skill training. How long will your potion last? Expires in 7 days. Can stack?
Reward: Unrestricted Dungeon Pass (1 trade allowed, no expiration)

G20 Alban Gift Pack.png G20 Alban Gift Pack
This gift pack contains goodies for the Milletians who took the time to pre-register for G20. Thank you!

Gift Box.png MusicQ Casual Wear Box do not stack
A box containing special outfits made to celebrate MusicQ. Use it to receive both the MusicQ Casual Wear (M) and MusicQ Casual Wear (F). Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before using it.

Gift Box.png Mini Pet Box
Contains your very own miniature companion for you to adopt!

Red Pet Whistle.png Holiday Mini Bear Whistle
A whistle that calls an adorable Mini Bear for the holidays!

Red Pet Whistle.png Red Monkey Whistle Given June 19, 2016 during Summer Hot Days
A whistle that calls the precarious Red Monkey!


DragonBoatRacePrize.png When you finish the race in under 8 minutes, you will get a Dragon Ship Reward Box in your inventory. This item takes up 1x1 slot and when you open it (right-click and press "Use") you will receive a reward.

Black Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png Yellow Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png Red Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png Blue Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png Green Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png Purple Fixed Dye Ampoule Gachapon.png White Day Fixed Dye Ampoule.png

Mortello Default Colors  #101525  #8b0909  #d5a95e shoes  #56608c hair/eyepatch  #262842

possible Argenta's Default Colors
 #e2eff5  #a7b0cf shoes  #5c5c67 dress  #DEDBEF

Logan-only Mission (Cannot be repeated)

Logan's Lost Love
How to Get Quest

Reach maximum Likeability at Lvl 4

Briefing Check on the town where Logan's past lover lived.

Apostle 10 History 6 Prophet 6 Basic 6 Object 20 Char. 6

Rewards Logan's Likeability Lvl 5 Available
Additional Information

Time: 1D (36 Min(s) real)

Kaour-only Mission (Cannot be repeated)

His Method
How to Get Quest

Reach maximum Likeability at Lvl 3

Briefing Send Kaour to Stonehenge Temporary Headquarters in Tara and have him investigate the case related to his father.

Apostle 20 History 35 Prophet 15 Basic 10 Object 30 Char. 10

Rewards Kaour's Likeability Lvl 4 Available
Additional Information

Time: 1D (36 Min(s) real)

Mission Point Event (Nov. 2016) Missions


Conquer Dungeon Dungeon! *Clear Dungeon Dungeon on any difficulty.

Dreaming of Skill Mastery *Use the Skill skill 30 times.

Dreaming of Skill Mastery 2 *Create # Item(s).

Monster Hunter *Defeat # Monster(s).


Start Talent Training *Raise the level of Talent by one.

The Road to Skill Mastery *Use the Skill skill 100 times.

The Road to Skill Mastery 2 *Create # Item(s).

Proficient Monster Tracker/Slayer/Hunter *Defeat # Monsters.


Apex Monster Hunter *Defeat # Monsters.

General Titles


Titles granted from completion of certain Festia Achievements.

# Name Title Description Requirement(s)
* who Took the Plunge A title granted to Milletians who have achieved an overall score of 100 points in Festia. Achieve "Here Goes Nothing!" in Festia Festival Diary.
* the Point Hunter A title granted to Milletians who have achieved an overall score of 300 points in Festia. Achieve "With Flying Colors" in Festia Festival Diary.
* the Fist Puncher A title granted to Milletians who have earned all the Clobbermeister achievements in Festia. Achieve "Fist to the Ribcage" in Festia Festival Diary.