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User:Elide/Mission Point

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Mission Point Missions


Daily Quests
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
In Absence, You Cannot Act Confirm attendance. Always received. Cannot Reset.
Never Do Tomorrow What You Can Do Today Clear today's mission once. Always received. Cannot Reset. Complete daily Shadow Mission for Tara or Taillteann.
Power-level! Raise your level by 50.
Gardening Hobbyist Harvest crops twice from the Homestead field.
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Bandage Basics Level up any one Medicine skill.
Burning Water and Other Fun Recipes Level up any one Cooking skill.
Double Pistols and a Wink Level up any one Gunslinger skill.
Hammer Time Level up any one Smithing skill.
Wax On Level up any one Martial Arts skill.
Bowstring Basics Level up any one Archery skill.
No Metal Alchemist Level up any one Battle Alchemy skill.
Starting Toward the Shadows Level up any one Ninja skill.
Knuckle Sandwich Level up any one Close Combat skill.
Transmutation Trainee Level up any one Transmutation skill.
And Sew It Goes Level up any one Tailoring skill.
Magician's Apprentice Level up any one Magic skill.
Pointy-end Forward Level up any one Lance Combat skill.
Getting in Tune Level up any one Music skill.
Second String Level up any one Puppetry skill.
Carve Your Path Level up any one Carpentry skill.
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Conquer Dungeon Dungeon! Clear Dungeon Dungeon on any difficulty. For Peaca and Coill, any difficulty except Abyss Advanced.
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Monster Hunter/Slayer/Tracker Defeat # Monsters. Kills while mounted on pet do not count. Kills made with Hydra Transmutation do not count.
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Dreaming of Life Skill Mastery Use the Life Skill skill 30 times.
Dreaming of Production Skill Mastery 2 Create # Itemss.


Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Familiar Face Confirm attendance 5 times. Always received.
Sky-high Level-ups Raised level by 250. Commonly received.
Mission Master Clear a Daily Mission every day for a week. Always received. Refers to daily Shadow Missions.
Points for Points Complete Daily Missions 40 times. Always received. Refers to Mission Point Daily missions.
Dungeon Destroyer Cleared any Uladh Dungeon 5 times. (Except Abyss Coill Advanced and Abyss Peaca Advanced)
Reap What You Sow Harvest crops 10 times from your Homestead field.
A Solid Investment Upgrade your items 5 times.
Well-armed Wanderer Special Upgrade a weapon 3 times.
Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Start Skill Training Raise the level of Skill by one. Auto-completes if player has Master title for corresponding skill.

Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Proficient Monster Hunter/Slayer/Tracker Defeat # Monsters.

Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
The Road to Life Skill Mastery Use the Life Skill skill 100 times.
The Road to Production Skill Mastery 2 Create # Items.


Quest Briefing Tips / Notes
Perfect Attendance Award Confirm attendance 25 times. Always received. May be achieved upon logging in/changing channels after 12 am PST.
Daily Dynamo Clear Daily Mission 25 times. Always received. Refers to daily Shadow Missions.
Rollin' in Points Complete Weekly Missions 20 times. Always received.
Dungeon Wasteland Clear Uladh dungeons 20 times. (Except Abyss Coill Advanced and Abyss Peaca Advanced)
Apex Kobold Hunter Defeat 800 Kobolds.
Apex Shadow Hunter Defeat 1500 monsters of the Shadow Realm. Sulfur Spiders do not count. Kills with Hydra do not count. Pet kills do not count.
Apex Boss Bounty Hunter Defeat 25 boss monsters. Field Boss? Outlaw Boss? Does not refer to CP designation.
Overpowered Raise your level by 700.
Endless Cycle of Rebirth Rebirth 20 times.
Top-tiered Talent Get a Talent to Master level.