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This title is whack and needs testing

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So I spent hours trying to get this title.

What didn't work: Getting KOed by splash damage, spells, stomp, instinctive reaction in parties of 3 and 4.

What worked: Joining a prod party of 4, bringing it to 5, while alone in an alban mission and getting KOed by a zombie that was targeting me, no pets out.

Whatever the real requirement is, it doesn't seem to involve taking hits meant for another party member, unless Alban specifically breaks the system.

Milishea (talk)03:02, 24 December 2021

Did you happen to die to a Counterattack?

Lint (talk)03:06, 24 December 2021

Completely immobile, just allowed the zombies to do their thing.

So the question is, does it require a party of 5, is it something else?

Milishea (talk)03:40, 24 December 2021

It should only require a party of 3 or 4+ if I recall correctly, but every time I've tested it the AI has been all over the place. A lot of people claim to have gotten it from getting slapped by Girgashiy during the Apostle Raid, but I find it tricky overall. The wiki probably needs a few "best options" to get the title.

Lint (talk)04:22, 24 December 2021