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Possible drop discrepancy

Possible drop discrepancy

Looking at this page it lists Magical Mist Crystals as a possible reward from both Normal and Hard Feth Fiada. However, on the Feth Fiada page under the rewards it shows only as a reward only from Hard. I haven't personally had one drop in either, so I can't confirm. Does anyone know for sure which it is?

TheWinterBound (talk)17:09, 1 June 2024

Someone seems to have decided that the conversion from Normal, Advanced, Elite to Normal, Hard favorably gave Normal some of the rewards Advanced used to have. This is not the case.

Lint (talk)23:00, 1 June 2024

I don't know where that particular person got the idea you can get Magical Mist Crystals in Normal. I know that certain materials in the old difficulty list made getting ruin/demo mats much rarer but still possible to get on Advanced, but until Nexon or someone can confirm that Normal drops any of these mats, I'm keeping the wiki updated to just Hard mode, mostly because it's obvious and confirmed it would be in there, but also because I highly doubt anyone's going to waste 15-25 runs a week on Normal to test if it gets it. Perhaps someone in some region of Mabi can do some digging and confirm. I'd rather not have the wiki guarantee a drop on a specific difficulty and then players wondering why they don't get anything if this isn't the case, since there was no official Nexon information about how drops will change with difficulty.

If anyone has somewhere they can reference this, feel free to update it, but for now, we're just keeping Hard on there.

Phantasms (talk)19:47, 15 June 2024

So I submitted a ticket requesting for information on this and the GM's confirmed that all the Tech weapon materials are exclusive to Hard mode, and not Normal. So until this ever changes, there should be no reason to change it again and proves my point that there was never any mats that dropped in Normal once Advanced and Elite were switched to Hard.

Again, not sure why this particular person updated it to both difficulties and had no proof, but it's fixed and confirmed now.

Phantasms (talk)21:27, 16 June 2024

Much appreciated, glad the GM gave clarification!

TheWinterBound (talk)11:06, 18 June 2024