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Quest screenshots

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Here are the quest screenshots I remembered to take(I will be updating this as I go, and with which quests I remember to do it with). the seven "gather" quests:

# discord overview
#1 (includes a shadow mission in which you gather from a series of shiny marks on the ground with HP bars you can use alt to find more easily)
#2 (escort mission, approach accordingly)
#3 (find Father in Tailteann Square)
#4 (mobs of angry animals spawn)
#5 (deliver hot Chocolate, S'more)
#6 (help husband find wife in Emain Macha near Ailionoa)
#7 (defeat waves of trolls and ogres)
# Forgot to screenshot... oops. Eyes Wide Shut
Shadow Mission in "The Lengthening Shadow" (13.30% increase from renown)
Legiathan (talk)16:23, 10 January 2019

Thank youu

Happyx5 (talk)14:46, 13 January 2019

unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot the rest of the quests, so this is all I can send your way, as my alts are nowhere near strong enough to try this.

Legiathan (talk)15:18, 16 January 2019