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The Billionaire's Bankroll

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The Billionaire's Bankroll Advertisement
May 27th, 2021 - July 8th, 2021


Ethel the Billionaire is here to support your growth needs! Ethel will be providing support to all Milletians by covering 90% of your repair cost fees and selling passes to dungeons. Along with Ethel, drop rates will be increased and you can also obtain the maximum amount of keys, regardless of how many players are in the dungeon! Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

  • During the event, you will receive the quest, "[Guide] Investing in the Future".
  • Find Ethel near the Bank in Dunbarton.
  • Register a main character with Ethel.
    • You can only register one character per account.

Simple Investigation Questionnaire

  • During the event, you can participate in a questionnaire and receive two rewards.
    • The questions are generally about how Mabinogi is doing and what the player finds most interesting about the game, etc.
  • Answer questions and obtain the following rewards:
    • Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass (Event) (15 Day Expiration)
    • Full Recovery Potion (Event) x5 (15 Day Expiration)

Repair Fee Support

  • During the event period, Ethel will help by reducing your repair fees by 90%.
    • Talk to Ethel and select "Repair Fee Support" to activate this feature.

Dungeon Pass Support

  • During the event period, Ethel will sell Dungeon Passes.
    • Talk to Ethel and select "Purchase Pass".
    • All passes are Non-Tradeable and Expire in 7 Days.

Dungeon Key Drop

  • During the event period, upon completing certain dungeons, your party will receive the maximum amount of keys available, regardless of how many party members are in the dungeon.
    • Rabbie Phantasm (excluding Mirror World Rabbie Phantasm) and Tech Duinn will reward 4 keys split among the party.
    • Veteran Dungeons and Mag Mell will reward 8 keys split among the party.
      • If the number of keys available cannot be divided equally between party members, leftover keys will be given to party members at random.

Increased Dungeon Drop Rates

  • During the event periods, drop rates of certain dungeon end treasure chests are increased.
    • May 27th, 2021 - June 17th, 2021
      • Hardmode Uladh Dungeons (Ciar, Alby, and Rundal)
      • Rabbie Phantasm
    • June 17th, 2021 - July 8th, 2021
      • Veteran Uladh Dungeons
      • Alban Knights Training Grounds