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Is the Rewards Right?

The Shock Page indicated that page 2 comes at the end chest at a 0.86% only at hard mode. Why does the reward in Advance say it drops shock as well? --Miyuna 18:56, 23 August 2010 (UTC)


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Small enchant on any difficulty?005:56, 13 October 2013
Does Shock page 2 only drop in hard mode?212:16, 19 September 2012

Small enchant on any difficulty?

ive spammed intermediate about 100 times in the past 4 days trying to get the Small enchant. ive done int for ease of spamming and since the page says it comes from int I expected to get it already and I haven't. ive gotten everything on the int reward list except for small. can anyone verify what difficulties small comes on so that I don't waste more time - hollywoodkid

Vaida678 (talk)05:56, 13 October 2013

Does Shock page 2 only drop in hard mode?

Does Shock page 2 only drop in hard mode? like will it drop in lower difficulties and the editors of mabi wiki just do not know what percentage or only in Enemy Behind hard mode as i really do not want to spam Enemy Behind hard mode or Ancients so i am wondering if int or adv drop it also is all

Yumri (talk)08:57, 19 September 2012

afaik, values originated from foreign servers. But don't forget, "Pages 1, 2 and 10 also drop from monsters with "the Ancient" title."


so why not get someone to unpack mabi NA and read the file for it whatever it might be?

Yumri (talk)12:16, 19 September 2012