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Santa's Requests Event (2008)

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December 17th, 2008 - December 28th, 2008


Santa needs your help! Nothing seems to be working out smoothly for Santa this year -wish lit and Reindeer's bells are missing, tree lights are out, sleigh is broken, and gift sac is ripped. It is up to you to fix everything for him. Find all 5 Santas and help them with holiday preparation. Each Santa will give you a sock and a holiday card. Collect all five socks and holiday cards to receive special gifts from Santa's helpers![1]


  • Talk to each santa and complete their individual requests for the "Happy Holidays" quest.
  • The Red Santa will request that you fish out five Wish Bottles from the Adellia Steam in Tir Chonaill.
  • The Blue Santa will ask you to obtain Common Fabrics and Thick Thread Balls and bring them to Santa's Helper to repair Santa's Gift Bag. The bag must then be returned to the santa.
  • The Yellow Santa will request you to collect 10 pieces of Firewood and deliver them to Santa's Helper. You will receive a sleigh to return to the santa.
  • The Green Santa will ask you to hunt Invisible Imps in Coill Dungeon until one drops a Holiday Candle. The candle must then be gifted to the Christmas tree in Emain Macha.
  • The Pink Santa will request you to find a Holiday Gold Bell, which drops from any monsters with bronze and silver bells.
    • This part of the quest may take the longest to complete.
  • Completing each santa's mission will reward you with a Holiday Card and Stocking. The cards must be turned in at the blue Santa's Helper and the stockings must be turned in at the yellow Santa's Helper.
Happy Holidays
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event period.

Briefing Please help us make this Holiday the best Holiday ever for the kids. - Santa Union -
  1. Help Red Santa
  2. Help Green Santa
  3. Help Pink Santa
  4. Help Yellow Santa
  5. Help Blue Santa
  • 3,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Your character will automatically wear a santa suit after talking with the first santa. This is not an actual physical item of clothing; it is just an appearance change. The color of your suit depends on which santa's quest you are on.


You will receive only one random reward for each event item that is turned in.

Holiday Card Rewards

  • Handbell (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, or High C)

Stocking Rewards