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Roar (Monster)

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Crumena using Roar
For the Roar used by Griffin, Yellow Tiger Cub, and White Tiger Cub, see Roar.
For the Bone Dragon's Roar, see Petrifying Roar.
For the Wraith's Roar, see Phantom Roar.


Giant Lion Roar.png
  • The creature roars fiercely.
    • Players directly in front of the creature will incur heavy damage, knockdown, and lengthy stun.
    • If they are to the side, they take no damage but will be killed in Deadly, and receive a short stun.
  • When used by Red Dragon, Crumena, or Armored Bear, Pets and Partners will be forcibly desummoned if hit by the roar.
  • When used by Black Dragon, nearby player's damage is reduced by half, however this attack does not damage, stun, nor kill the players.
  • When used by White Dragon, monsters near it gain increased attack power. However, it has no effect on players.
  • No damage is done when used by Armored Bear.

Monsters with the Skill