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Ghost (Event)

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Portrait of Ghost
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Only during the event:
Tir Chonaill (Graveyard)


I'm making this urgent request because I can't leave this place. I hear that Cherry Blossoms bloom sometime during this season. Please find the Cherry Blossom Tree and show me the Cherry Blossom.

The ghost appears by the large dead tree in the center of Tir Chonaill's Graveyard but only during the See the Blossom Event (2010). On Nexon's website the guide for this event describes this NPC as a ghostly young man.

On giving a Blossom Tree Branch to the ghost, a player will receive a Cherry Blossom Decoration and the Cherry Blossom Decoration keyword. The ghost will also state the following;

Thank you so much for allowing me to see the Cherry Blossom. I made a Cherry Blossom Decoration with the flower. As a token of my appreciation, I want to give this to you, Player Name.