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See the Blossom Event (2010)

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April 14th, 2010 - April 27th, 2010


There are many signs that show us springtime is upon us. The daylight shines longer. The weather becomes milder and pleasant. The hills of the countryside begin to blush in several shades of green. Flowers bloom in a glorious array of scent and color.

As you find yourself enjoying the relaxing spring days in Tir Chonaill, you will happen upon the disdained cries of a ghostly young man in the town’s graveyard. Because the ghost is bound to the graveyard, it is unable to roam the flourishing scenery outside of Tir Chonaill. The ghost asks you to return with a cherry blossom from a cherry tree.

You investigate the whereabouts of such trees by speaking with various residents of Tir Chonaill. Eventually, you learn that a few cherry trees have been spotted in the crossroads of Sen Mag prairie. Upon arriving at the crossroads, you attempt to remove a blossom from the tree. Unfortunately, before you are able to remove a tree branch, you must heal the tree, as it has undergone some damage.

Before long, Chief Kousai of Cor hears of your endeavor and asks that you pay him a visit. Kousai tells you that he can concoct a special healing potion that will rejuvenate the tree, however, you must deliver all the necessary ingredients. Once you’ve obtained everything you need, return to Kousai for the special potion. “Give” the healing salve to a cherry tree in order to receive a Blossom Tree Branch.

Once you’ve obtained the branch, return to the dismayed ghost in the Tir Chonaill graveyard. The ghost is ecstatic and thanks you for your kindness in allowing him to see the cherry blossom. As a gift, he constructs a coronet of cherry blossoms. This fine headpiece allows you to take the stunning aroma of cherry blossoms anywhere you go! You’ll have until April 27 to help the ghost see the blossom.[1]


Upon logging into the game a player will be given the A request from Tir Chonaill quest. Follow the quest marker to the Ghost in the Graveyard and receive the Cherry Blossom Trees keyword. This event can only be done once per character.

Next, talk to Duncan using the Cherry Blossom Trees keyword to learn where to find the trees, which appear in Sen Mag Plateau during daytime hours.

  • Note: At present, Duncan's reply appears to be untranslated. The replies given to the keyword by Dilys and Lassar also appear to be untranslated. All other residents of Tir Chonaill give responses which indicate that they don't know what the keyword means.

Touch one of the Cherry Blossom Trees that appear near the crossroads on the Sen Mag Plateau and the Kousai's Call quest will be received. This quest requires a player to talk to Kousai. Also, the following on-screen message will appear;

You may have to take care of the Cherry Blossom Tree's health in order to receive a small tree branch.

Talk to Kousai and the Make Healing Potion quest is received, in which Kousai will ask for 1 Bandage, 1 HP 50 Potion and 1 Holy Water of Lymilark to be delivered to him.

After acquiring these items, Kousai will make a Tree Healing Potion which looks like a Handmade Bandage, so be careful not to confuse it.

"Give" this item to a Cherry Blossom Tree back on Sen Mag Plateau and a Blossom Tree Branch will be received in return. Also, the following on-screen message will appear;

You have received a small tree branch from the Cherry Blossom Trees.

Talk to the Ghost in Tir Chonaill's Graveyard with the Blossom Tree Branch in the player's inventory and he will take the branch but will give a Cherry Blossom Decoration in return. The Cherry Blossom Decoration keyword will also be obtained.


A request from Tir Chonaill

How to Get Quest

Log on during the See the Blossom Event. Every character will receive this quest.

Briefing I'm sorry for contacting you so suddenly. Please help me. -???-
  • Talk to ???
  • 50 Experience Points
Additional Information

Talk to the Ghost standing near the large dead tree in the center of Tir Chonaill's Graveyard.

Also receive the Cherry Blossom Trees keyword.
A player can choose to give up this quest, if they don't wish to do it.

Kousai's Call

How to Get Quest

After completing the A request from Tir Chonaill quest, touch one of the Cherry Blossom Trees that appear near the crossroads on the Sen Mag Plateau.

Briefing I heard that you are looking for a Cherry Blossom Tree Healing Potion. Please come see me. -Kousai-

Talk to Kousai.

  • 100 Experience Points
Additional Information

This is not the Kousai's Call quest used in the Generation 8 Update Notifications. If the Generation 8 Update Notification quest of the same name has not been completed then both quests will show in the Quest window and the on-screen markers for both quests will be pointing to Kousai.
A player can choose to give up this quest, if they don't wish to do it.

Make Healing Potion

How to Get Quest

Complete the Kousai's Call quest.

Briefing Bring me the ingredients required to make the Tree Healing Potion. -Kousai-
Additional Information

A player can choose to give up this quest, if they don't wish to do it.