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G25 Precursor Event

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G25 Precursor Event
December 3rd, 2020 - December 17th, 2020


Caravan Joe needs your help! Rescue Caravan Joe every day to earn sweet rewards and experience to get you ready for G25. Check out the details below.[1]

Event Details

  • During the event, you will receive the quest, "[Guide] Caravan Joe's Favor".
  • Find G25 Precursor Event Helper Caravan Joe in Dunbarton's Town Square.
  • Register a main character with the NPC.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • Once registered, the quest will complete, giving you:
  • Once registed, the daily quest [Event] Caravan Joe in Crisis is unlocked.
  • You will receive one Mission Pass each day, and get two additional passes for completing the mission.
  • The mission can be run with up to 4 people, for a total of 10 times a day.
  • Before starting you can select the mission difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard).
  • The difficulty level will determine your rewards, including how many Skill Combo Card Fragments you receive.
    • Easy
      • 45,000 EXP
      • 1,000 Gold Pouch
      • Reward Box (2 - 3 Skill Combo Card Fragments, x1 Random Potion, x1 Random Tailoring Material)
    • Medium
      • 90,000 EXP
      • 15,000 Gold Pouch
      • Reward Box (4 - 5 Skill Combo Card Fragments, x1 Random Potion, x1 Random Tailoring Material)
    • Difficult
      • 190,000 EXP
      • 25,000 Gold Pouch
      • Reward Box (6 - 7 Skill Combo Card Fragments, x1 Random Potion, x1 Random Tailoring Material)
  • Once you have completed the quest, you will earn the following rewards:
    • Fragment gauge fills up 50%
    • Rescue Caravan Joe Mission Pass x2
    • 300,000 EXP
  • The daily quest resets at 7:00am PST100.

Black Moon Stone Fragment

  • Click the Black Moon Stone Fragment image to open the event interface. From here you can check the Fragment's growth status.
  • Filling the gauge 100% within a day will cause the fragment to grow by 1 stage.
  • You can fill the gauge in the following ways:
    • Stay logged in for 90 sec real-time to increase the gauge by 1%.
    • Complete the Today's Special Daily Mission to increase the gauge by 25%.
      • The Special mission will be highlighted by green text saying "Special", when viewing the mission board.
    • Complete the daily quest to increase the gauge by 50%.
  • Completing G22, G23, and G24 before or during the event will raise the growth stage by one per Generation.
  • Choosing to "Break the Seal" will stop any additional growth and give you a variety of gems, based on the total growth reached.
  • For each stage reached, you will be rewarded:
StageGem Size (cm)Combo Card Points (Accumulated)Item Reward by Growth Stage
1 1.0 - -
2 1.8 100 AP Potion (30)
3 2.6 200 Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
4 3.4 300 Skill Training Seal (30)
5 4.2 400 AP Potion (30)
6 5.0 500 Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
7 5.8 600 Skill Training Seal (30)
8 6.6 700 AP Potion (30)
9 7.4 800 Golden Experience Fruit (500%)
10 8.2 900 Skill Training Seal (30)
11 9.0 1,000 AP Potion (30)
12 10.0 1,100 Golden Experience Fruit (500%)

Combo Card Customization

  • A custom Combo Card will be given out to players after registering a main character.
    • Three slots with random skills are set by default.
  • A total of 1200 Combo Card Points can be earned during the event by growing the Moon Stone Fragment.
  • Combo Card Points can be spent on rerolling the values on the card itself, unlocking new slots, and rerolling skills with a Talent-specific Skill Black Combo Card.
    • Collecting 10 Skill Combo Card Fragmentsof the same type will give you Skill Black Combo Card.
    • You can use 40 points to use the Exchange Coupon to change a skill in the Black Combo Card.
    • You can use 60 points to open a new Combo Card slot with a random skill.
    • You can use 35 points to randomly change the bonus stats for one skill.
Warrior Smash
Assault Slash
Lance Charge
Archer Magnum Shot
Arrow Revolver
Support Shot
Crash Shot
Mage Lightning Bolt
Lightning Rod
Ice Spear
Hail Storm
Alchemist Life Drain
Water Cannon
Flame Burst
Sand Burst
Heat Buster
Merchant Gold Strike
Fighter Combo: Charging Strike
Combo: Focused Fist
Combo: Spinning Uppercut
Combo: Somersault Kick
Combo: Drop Kick
Combo: Pummel
Puppeteer Act 1: Inciting Incident
Act 2: Threshold Cutter
Act 4: Rising Action
Act 6: Crisis
Act 7: Climactic Crash
Gunslinger Flash Launcher
Grapple Shot
Bullet Slide
Shooting Rush
Bullet Storm
Ninja Shuriken Charge
Kunai Storm
Chain Slasher Dorcha Snatch
Chain Impale
Spinning Slasher
Chain Sweep
Death Mark

Breaking the Seal

  • At any time during the event, you have the option to break the seal on the Black Moon Stone Fragment.
    • Breaking the seal is NOT reversible. Even if you break the seal by mistake, you will be unable to reverse that decision.
  • When you break the seal, you will receive all 12 types of gems and a Black Combo Card (30 days)
    • Once you have broken the seal, you can no longer edit the Black Combo Card.
    • The Combo Card obtained can be checked by going to Character Info then clicking on Combo Card
    • Similar to normal Combo Cards, you can customize it using the Advancement Badge.