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Forest of Four Seasons

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For other missions, see Category: Mag Mell Missions.

Ever-Blooming Flower Wreath.png
Mission Information
Time Limit None
Party Count 1~8
Quest Board Location Mag Mell

The area that lies beyond is called the Forest of Four Seasons. It's said that it was once a village of the fairies who loved joining their beautiful voices together in song...


—Geata of Blossoming Wisterias


The Geata to enter the dungeon.
The first room of the dungeon.
The kitty doll icon that appears briefly on top of the pet-only monsters.
A player inflicted with the nightmare curse from the second room.
  • A Pet must be summoned to enter the mission. If the pet timer runs out, the pet will stay summoned until the player leaves.
    • Players will be rewarded 5 Special Phoenix Feathers for entering the mission and for completing each stage of the mission.
      • Special Phoenix Feathers are removed upon leaving the mission.
    • Pets are automatically revived upon completing the Mag Mell mission, should they be knocked out.

Some Monsters are immune to any player damage, but will take increased pet damage. These are indicated with a kitty doll icon above them for a short time after they spawn.
Some Monsters are immune to any pet damage.

  • Room 1: Fight off 6 waves of enemy while protecting the withered forest geata.
    • If the red gauge fills, you will have to restart from wave 1.

  • Room 2: Two kill gauges will appear, one that counts player kills, the other counts pet kills, fill both to 100%. (Each kill gives roughly 3%)
  • Pet kills and Player kills must be kept around the same number.
  • Failing to do so and letting the gauges differ by 20% (normal)/10% (hard) will result in players being given the Nightmare condition.
    • This reverses controls for 10 seconds and locks skills from being used.
    • Additionnally bonifies the type of Guardian Spirits of the color which has the least kills in (Red or Blue) for the next wave.

  • Room 3: Two gauges appear, fill the green by allowing friendly monsters through. Kill off any wolf or snake type monsters.
    • If the red gauge is filled, you will have to restart from 0%.
    • Monsters will move significantly faster in hard mode.

  • Room 4: A series of orbs will appear, hitting the center orb will spawn many imps. Kill the imps before all the orbs are unlit.
    • Mobs will always spawn in the same positions.
      • In Hardmode, there will be the same amount of Red, White and Blue Imps, but their locations will be swapped around.
      • In Hardmode, you have under 14 seconds to clear the mobs

  • Room 5: Boss fight, defeat Fleur (Monster).
    • Fleur will summon a mass of monsters to fight along side her.
    • Upon reaching 75%, 50%, 25%, Fleur will hide inside one of 25 bulbs and the player will have to find her.
      • Players are given a hint after hitting 4~6 (depending on party size) bulbs and have 15~10(depending on party size) chances to find her.
      • When given a hint, Fleur will either be nearby, or far away from the last bulb hit (the one that gave the hint).
        • If nearby, she is either adjacent or diagonal to the last hit bulb.
        • If far away, she is not adjacent or diagonal to the last hit bulb.
        • A simulation of how the mini-game works can be found here.
        • Best case scenario guide can be found here.
    • If Fleur is not found, she will respawn at the top of the map and heal 25%(?) (40%? on Hard) HP.
    • Fleur's Flower Dash will be followed by a Floral Shield.
      • All player damage done to Fleur in this state will be reflected back. This can instantly kill the player if enough damage is dealt. Note that Fleur will take none of the damage herself.
      • Pet attacks are not reflected back, and as such are allowed to continue attacking Fleur unimpeded.
    • Fleur's Waltz of Flowers will shoot out petals that debuff the player.
      • The debuff will depend on the leaf colors.
        • Petals can prevent potions, silence, slow, reverse movement, and invert the screen for 10 seconds. Players are advised to avoid the petals.
      • There will be a few yellow off-color petals; getting hit by the off-color petal will give players Effect - Flowerbud Shield Pink.png Petal of Protection instead. You will still take damage.
      • After using Waltz of Flowers, Fleur will temporarily self-inflict a Effect - Dog Grey.png debuff. While this debuff persists Fleur takes 5x damage from Pets.
    • When Fleur reaches 25%(?) (50% on Hard?) she will begin to use her breath attack which will instantly knock unconscious anyone it hits (unless protected by Petal of Protection)
    • (Int Mode only) Fleur will grant players 1 Warm Petal (consumable item) for each phase cleared.
    • (Hard Mode only) Occasionally Fleur will single out one party member, they will have to defeat a wave of enemies on their own, meanwhile the rest of the party must destroy Fleur' Shield by hitting her (30 x party size) number of times.
      • If Fleur's shield does not break in time, she will instantly knock all players without the Effect - Flowerbud Shield Pink.png Petal of Protection status.
      • If there are still mobs remaining, Fleur will recover 40%(?)HP.
      • The solo player will obtain Effect - Flowerbud Shield Pink.png
        • If there is only one player in the mission, they will only receive the hit shield mechanic.

Petal of Protection buff.

Fleur, vainquished.


Map is not available for this mission


First room

Second room

The same monsters will spawn in waves until the requirements are met.

Third room

Spawn patterns are randomized from wave to wave. There can be only friendly animals or only predators as well.

Friendly Animals:

  • White Armadillo
  • Black Armadillo
  • Big-Horned Deer
  • Capybara
  • Gold Kiwi
  • Imp
  • Raccoon
  • Ice Sprite
  • Fire Sprite
  • Lightning Sprite
  • Wing-Eared Rabbit


Fourth room

Fifth Room


  • Fleur (Monster)
    • Can summon any of the Mag Mell monsters to accompany her in waves.