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Erinn Spirit

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Inventory icon of Erinn Spirit

1 × 1
Stack: 100

A spirit native to Erinn that can be called upon you've collected 10. From the spirits, you have a variable chance to receive one of many 2nd title coupons (Not tradable) including Beimnech, Etain, Altam, etc.


Cannot be sold to NPCs.
Can be sold in personal shops.
Can be sold in the auction house.
Can be traded with others.
Can be dropped
but cannot be picked up by others.
Can be stored in pets.
Can be stored in the bank and withdrawn by other characters.


  • Erinn Spirit can be obtained as a reward from Elite Shadow Missions.
  • Collect 10 Erinn Spirit items in a stack, right-click on the stack, and select "Use" to combine them together.
    • You will obtain one 2nd Title Coupon of the various NPCs in Erinn, with different drop rates for each.
    • Note: 2nd Title Coupons obtained via the Erinn Spirit item are not tradable, even if tradable versions exist.
      • The 2nd Title Coupons obtained via Erinn Spirit items can be shared within the account through the bank.
    • If the 2nd Title Coupon obtained is used and you already have the title, you will receive 1/10 Erinn Spirits back instead.


  • On use, obtain one of the following[1]:

Methods to Obtain