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Portrait of Edana
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Eluned's Vineyard Wine Aging Manager
Location Blago Prairie - Eluned's Vineyard House


She often wonders how Rumon is doing, which insinuates that she has taken a liking to him despite their boss' rival statuses. She works for Eluned but doesn't understand why Eluned and Lezzaro fight. You cannot use keywords on her as there is no "Start Conversation" button. You can select the button "Aging Wine" (see Winemaking) in order to begin the process as long as you have 20 Blago Noir in your inventory and do not already have a contract with Lezzaro via Rumon.


She sells the wine that was selected as last (in-game) year's best. If there has not been a wine that has been selected as last (in-game) year's best, then her shop does not contain anything under the "Wine" tab.

Edana's Equipment