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Caswyn the Listless

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Portrait of Caswyn the Listless
Caswyn the Listless
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Festia Guide
Location Festia 4 O'Clock,
Far outside the Festia Circle,
At the edge of the Festia zone
For the original NPC, see Caswyn.


  • Caswyn the Listless was an NPC present during the Mystery in Erinn Event.
  • He participated in the main event quest.


NPC Maps - Caswyn the Listless.png


Caswyn the Listless
  • Frigfath forturaix gebbal quemp. *nod*
  • ...!
  • (It seems impossible to talk to the I'll-Ban Knights at the moment. There must be some way...)
Caswyn the Listless
  • Yeah, like...maybe look at the login screen or something.
Caswyn the Listless
  • Part-time jobs are such a drag...
  • But since you came all the way here, I'll tell you something interesting.
  • I've heard folks in Dunbarton are spouting some weird stuff. Like they go all kooky in the head for a moment or something.
    Not sure what's causing it, though. If you doubt me, by all means, go try talking to any of 'em. You'll see what I
    mean.I've got important things to take care of. Later.
  • Don't tell anyone I'm here, okay? Not that I'm slacking. I've got...important duties. Secret important duties.
  • Caswyn the Listless Idle quotes
  • *yawn* Man, I'm feeling lazy...
  • Okay, guess it's time for some stretches.


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