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Bejeweled Monarch Box

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Banner for the Bejeweled Monarch Box.


Prepare to rule over an empire with the Bejeweled Monarch Box. Only royalty can look this good, accented from head to toe in grandiose gems! Stand and address your royal subjects from the comfort of your Bejeweled Monarch Royal Balcony, or fight alongside them in the battlefield with your various Spirit Liqueurs and Weapon Appearance Scrolls! Check out the details here. [1] [2]

Basic Information

Web Shop Icon
Inventory icon of Bejeweled Monarch Box

2 × 2
Stack: 100

Name Bejeweled Monarch Box
Description A luxurious box studded with gemstones, each faceted to beautifully capture the light. Holding such a coffer, one can easily imagine themselves as a resplendant lord or lady with enough style, dignity, and of course wealth to impress anyone. Use it to obtain one of a variety of items (probability varies by item), including a Special Bejeweled Monarch Attire (M), Special Bejeweled Monarch Gown (F), Bejeweled Monarch Royal Balcony, and Spirit Transformation Liqueur (Seething Eye of Chaos).
Sold By None NPC Resale Value ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from April 25, 2024 - May 23, 2024 for 1,500 NX)
  • Can also be bought from the Web Shop for 15,000 NX for 11 or 57,500 NX for 45.
Item Count 121
New Item Count 30


  • Each box comes with an Endelyon Life Renown Seal (250) x3, Edern Life Renown Seal (250) x3, or Eluned Life Renown Seal (250) x3, and one item from the gachapon list according to each one's drop rate.

Bonus item

  • Every box awards a bonus item from the selection below.

Main items

  • Every box awards a main item from the selection below.
Main items
Wings and Robes
Training Potions
Homestead Items
Dye Ampoules
Dye 005658.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:0 G:86 B:88)
Dye 063947.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:6 G:57 B:71)
Dye B39075.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:179 G:144 B:117)
Dye C31653.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:195 G:22 B:83)
Dye CD5C5C.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:205 G:92 B:92)
Dye FFCC33.png
Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:255 G:204 B:51)
Metal Dye 0000FF.png
Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule
(R:0 G:0 B:255)
Metal Dye 063947.png
Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule
(R:6 G:57 B:71)
Metal Dye 862646.png
Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule
(R:134 G:38 B:70)
Metal Dye BB9955.png
Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule
(R:187 G:153 B:85)
Metal Dye C31653.png
Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule
(R:195 G:22 B:83)
Pet Dye 142029.png
Pet Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:20 G:32 B:41)
Pet Dye 191970.png
Pet Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:25 G:25 B:112)
Pet Dye 533B3B.png
Pet Fixed Color Dye Ampoule
(R:83 G:59 B:59)
Title Coupons
Change Card Coupons
Appearance Scrolls
Gesture Cards

Drop Rates