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Portrait of Beggar
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Beggar
Location Emain Macha Square


The beggar is a teenage-looking boy located on a street corner near the town square in Emain Macha. He asks for gold. If you give him some, he will only take 1g at a time, though he tells you to not feel bad about giving him some more.

If you give him food, he will say that he "would like some more."

Previously, during Generation 2, one of the player's "Good Deeds" was to give the Beggar gold. You had to firstly gift him 1 gold, then the 1,000 gold he asked for afterwards.

During the Paladin Passive Defense Quest that was once a feature in game, Del and Delen remarked that the Beggar had Page 3 of the Book of Paladin, however he would only offer the page for three four-star or higher T-Bone Steaks.

Beggar's Equipment