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Forum - Standardized semantic naming

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At the moment, we're naming the name properties as stuff like "Enchant name", and I think it's probably safe to standardize them instead. This means that they need a category, too. So for enchants it would be something like having the property Name and Category:Enchants. I'm unconcerned about Category:SemanticEnchants, but it is kind of redundant, so maybe just a Category:Semantic for everything that's "released" (that is, not a work in progress)

My full suggestion though, is to do this and also have international names allowed. So the following properties would be available:

  • Name - Name on the NA server, since that's what this wiki is for
  • Name (KR) - Name on the Korean server
  • Name (JP) - Name on the Japanese server
  • Name (CN) - Name on the Chinese server
  • Name (TW) - Name on the Taiwanese server
  • Name (Celtic) - Name in the original Celtic (Welsh, Irish, etc) spelling
  • Name pronunciation - Pronunciation guide (English respelling) for the original language name
  • Name IPA - Pronunciation guide in IPA for the original language name
  • Name audio - Audio file pronouncing the original language name

The pronunciation information will largely be in Welsh or some other Celtic language (the Mabinogion drew stories from all around the area). However, some words will be Korean etc too, in which case the guides should be for the Korean (or whatever). For Celtic, as best we can, we should consider the accent relevant to the name. So for names from the Mabinogion, it should ideally use the version from the language and accent used in its place of origin during the time period it was first told. That's impossible, of course, but it gives us a basis for what more belongs here, similar to how we handle equipment images.

If anyone has any concerns or objections or anything please post here.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 30 January 2022 at 11:02.