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Wiki Home/Server Status/Guideline

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If you are looking to edit the actual status of the servers, go here.

This will change the icon over a server or channel. If you change the status of a server/channel, you must follow the link to the server/channel that you changed the status for and submit the reason in the appropriate section. If there is no information contained on the specific server's wiki page, the server will be updated as "online".

Status Icons:

  • Mabinogi server online.png
    • online - This is to be used when there are no current problems existing on a server and/or channel.
  • Mabinogi server online event.png
    • event - This is to be used when there are no current problems on a server and/or channel, but an event is in progress.
  • Mabinogi server error.png
    • error - This is to be used when there is an error that is not classified as maintenance, update, latency, or the server being offline.
  • Mabinogi server latency.png
    • lag - This is to be used in the event of latency (lag) on a server or channel.
  • Mabinogi server maintenance.png
    • maint - This is to be used when a server is undergoing maintenance.
  • Mabinogi server update.png
    • update - This is to be used when a server is undergoing an update.
  • Mabinogi server offline.png
    • offline - This is to be used in the rare occasion that a server or channel is taken offline but is not undergoing maintenance or an update.

Server Pages

Server pages can be found here. These pages contain detailed information on current server and channel issues.

All Servers

  • Mabinogi Game Server- This is for issues that affect all servers (maintenances, patches, etc.). If there is an issue that affects only one server, or channels within a server, use the appropriate link below.

Individual Servers/Channels

Quick Edit

For convenience purposes, these links will direct you to an edit page with all server statuses already changed. All you need to do is click a link and save the page.