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Water Spray

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Elephant Shower.png
A skill of an elephant that entails collecting and spraying water. It projects a powerful water blast on monsters, while lightly sprinkling water on characters. The sprinkled character will have higher resistance against fire and receive bonus stats. Try spraying water on other players you meet.


  • Load time: 1.5 seconds
  • Consumes 4 Mana Points on loading
  • Spray has 800 range


  • Only possessed by Blue Elephant, White Elephant, and the Tiny Elephant.
  • When used on an enemy, it pushes the enemy back.
  • When used on a player, it invokes the Elephant Shower status.
    • A rainbow effect occurs, and the affected player's elemental fire resistance is increased by a certain amount for 15 minutes. The affected player's HP, MP, and Stamina are increased by 7 for the skill's duration.