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Gameplay formulas

One of your formulas is comfusing me. Formula: Average Damage (critical)
(max-min)balance+min(critical multiplier x max)
Shouldn't it be ([max-min]balance+min)+(critical multipier*max)?

Assuming: attack: 45~80 Balance: 70% r1 crit Your formula results in

  • (80-45)*.7+45(2.5*80)
  • 35*.7+45(200)
  • 24.5+45(200)
  • 69.5(200)
  • 13900

and if you follow the pemdas rule, 24.5+9000 9024.5

Both of which are rather large. With the mine, you get:

  • ([80-45]*.7+45)+(2.5*80)
  • (35*.7+45)+200
  • (24.5+45)+200
  • 69.5+200
  • 269.5

Which does sound more reasonable. --Sephy 13:20, 13 September 2010 (UTC)

The critical multiplier at r1 is actually 150% of maximum damage plus average damage. This explains why critical hits tend to hit with higher balance than normal attacks.

Incorrect/typical example:


This incorrectly results in 225 average critical damage. The formula used is in line with traditional damage calculations because average damage is variable.

Correct example:

(100-50)0.8+50+(1.5 x 100)

This results in 240 average critical damage and is the correct damage formula used to determine average critical damage.

Maximum critical damage, on the other hand, can be calculated using either

max(2.5) or max+(1.5 max)

I hope this helps.---Kaeporo 02:44, 14 September 2010 (UTC)

Lure of Balad

I noticed when you updated the Lure of Balad page you used The G13S1 version. The skill was buffed in G13S2 and had many values changed. I'll be updating it to the G13S2 version. It looks like you used SkillLevel_Detail to do it. In the future please check for duplicate skills and use the ones with the most recent verson= (For example G13s2 is 1302). Tellos 20:27, 5 December 2010 (PST)


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