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Top: Syllwynn (elf) KR Mabi Bottom: Syllwynn (human-main) NA Ruairi server
Kittyrobe.jpegSyll.4.jpeg Server {{{Server}}}
Race Human - Dark Knight
Age Varies according to day with rebirths being weekly now. Title Savior of Errin
Talent {{{Talent}}} CP IDK
Life 340 with oodles of HP pots Mana 322..but always pots handy (bless you mana boosters <3)
Stamina 264 Damage 86-121
Defense 22 Protection 6.0%
Strength 202 Intelligence 298
Dexterity 126 Will 116
Luck 42 Critical 40.2%
Hits anything that moves Speed as long as I'm faster than you, doesn't matter
Attacks Melee and ranged (Arrow revolver if provoked) Element Icebolt, Firebolt, Lightning, Thunder, Fireball, Icespear
Drops Misc If smash used - 1000gold
Equipment nuh-uh, costs too much to get back!
Advice Find your happy place, and sit there naked eating cheetos
Additional Information Traveling the world of Errin

Main character name: Syllwynn
Server: Ruairi
Channel: whichever
Current level: Fluctuates too much due to weekly rebirths :)
Total Level: 1249
Goal: Finished G3!
Transformation: Infra Black. Join the dark side! We have pop tarts!!

If any would like to see some of the snapshots I have taken in-game, they are posted on the following: Thank you and enjoy Mabinogi and the wonderful world of Errin!

Advice from travels

(1) Do NOT use windmill on the desert dragon..just makes him charge more. Bring lots of feathers and you can level up just by res'ing all the fallen in the battle. Rewards can be tricky b/c most say "doesn't belong to you" and you're all in a pile fighting to be the fastest to pick up a china dress. But it's a rush to fight him, much more so than Baol final. There 3 took on and beat the a hundred can and might still fail..probably will too lol. Good luck! And don't forget, the dragon shows up in all channels, so if the battle goes south, switch channels and join another.
(2) Channel 1 can be an aggravating issue for many due to lag. It used to be that in Tir on channel 1, many could barely even move around the square. This was mostly caused by so many shops in one location. Unfortunately, this was not solved by the addition of channel 6, as those who set shops still continue to set all onto channel 1. In future, it should be looked into if they might limit the number of shops in one area for each channel, to have these spread out more. This might help with the lag. Other than this...there is a fix for lag that can be found to help disable the Nagle Algorithm. This is a registry edit to your computer, not an edit to the game, and will not harm your computer at all. It can be found as well in the forum at which was posted by Darkmgl. I have seen this posted on other sites as well. This really does help, and you'll cast magic such as healing much faster. As a note from the post- for more information read:
(3) Wanting that lovely "Golem slayer with a single blow" title? You know you do. lol. Well one way is to run Ciar beginner (yes, this does count) and transform into a pally/DK at the boss. You should, if you've trained as you aught, be able to smash him and kill the golem in one hit. Poof! Instant title!
(4) Wanting to be able to return to TNN and not wait till Saturday to do so? One method is to use the house shop flyers. Go to the house shop boards and pick up several flyers from different shops. On Saturday, go to TNN as usual, and use the flyer to go to the sellers house. You will now have in your inventory a return coupon, which will return you to the spot you were at in TNN. To stock up more, repeat this process of going to TNN, then using the flyer to accumulate more of the coupons. This can take some time to do, but many who want windmill training or training for range will find the ability to go back to TNN when wanted very useful.
(5) Why go back to TNN for training? For the zombies. Zombies, slow moving as they are, are excellent training for windmill and range attacks.

Random tips/tricks and thoughts

(1) Hold shift and right-click your map to make your character do a odd quick-step kinda dance.
(2) There should be some sort of mount allowing giants to ride together. When a giant summons a horse it is enlarged to hold the giant, so why not make this possible? Currently, however, a giant can ride a two-seated mount with a human or an elf though. It would just be nice to allow giants to ride with another giant if that is their wish. As well, if two party members have sled dogs, they should be able to hitch them together to be able to ride in same/larger sled. Even humans can't ride together in a sled. Perhaps this will be enabled in later updates or new pets.
(3) There is a slight unbalance in the quests for Falcon and Beast. Elves, having the hide ability, are easily able to sneak into Vales and complete that section. A giant, however, has a much more difficult time of sneaking into Filia. The guards are faster, no hide ability, and let's face it, you're a giant in a city of tiny elves..they notice you quick. Best method for giants to sneak in are to either do so really late in real life time at night, so that many of the other mabi elven players are in bed and won't help out the guards and destroy your poor giant, or do the raid method. Get a group of giants who need to do the quest too, throw in some elves and humans that are friends, and storm Filia. They can't kill you all. Then repeat until all giants involved have completed they're quests. Trying to hide behind pillars and things can be just too difficult to manage for some newer players, especially if lag attacks you too. But if lag doesn't attack you as much as some others, the east side of town is the easiest for your approach, usually only one guard there.
(4) Many have whispered of the wall glitch in Barri and Baol Dungeons...does this exist? The answer is yes, but there is an important side note. As to the final floor of whichever dungeon, you must run that floor as you normally would. If you continue to use the glitch, you will not be able to enter the boss room. This can be greatly frustrating to one who makes it all the way to the end only to get stuck in the wall. If you need a further explanation of how this glitch works, you are welcome to contact me in game, and I will explain it to you as much as I am able. And it's fun to be in the wall in Barri regular when another party comes around and spook them. lol. Another small note, dungeons that have more of a sloped stairway, such as Ciar and Karu, this glitch is not functional. Sorry, unsure as to why but may do with the fact that it is more of a camera glitch that allows this than anything else. But anything that makes Baol Infiltration easier is welcome!


I have ten characters on my account in Mabi, all on the same server. They are as follows. If you see one of us, I'm a friendly person, have been playing now for MONTHS, and I'm usually willing to help in any way I can.
Syllvie Syllviex.jpegSyllia Syllia.jpegSyllanyaSyllanya.1.jpegSyllara Syllarax.jpeg
SyllianyaSyllianyax.jpegSialeeds Sialeedsx.jpegTsukiomei Tsukiomei.jpeg


Have 55 pets of varied types- for now that is. As many know, pets are invaluable in travel, and not just for storage. In a tough boss fight, the pet revolver (calling pet, command it to smash, and de-summon right after it hits the enemy) can make the tide turn in your favor. As well, you can rebirth a pet that is lacking in a certain skill, such as a snake that has no smash capability. Just rebirth a cat or other animal with smash into a snake, then you will have a snake with smash. I personally rebirthed my snake into a siamese and my siamese into a snake. Now I have a cat that has all the magic skills, not to mention it's a DK kitty, and a snake that can smash with the best of them.

Akiros - Shire *** Angyr - Siamese *** Anklebitter - Desert Cobra *** Arsynal - Gray Wolf *** Ayrtax - White Unicorn *** Backupsystem - Mini Bear *** Brye - Black Hedgehog *** Darknys - Bombay *** Deita - Shire *** Dryx - Thoroughbred *** Feyr - Japanese Bobtail *** Fyrie - Silver Fox *** Hatchi - Polar Bear *** Herbage - Herb Pig *** Hungyr - Mini Skeleton *** Kionai - Borzoi *** Llewynn - Haflinger *** Loathyng - Orange Pixie *** Milktoast - Cow *** Mordryd - Huskie *** Myrdryd - Huskie *** Nicnac - Border Collie *** Peiko - Light Russian Blue *** Skry - White Hedgehog *** Slythryn - Coral cobra *** Sylence - Albino King Snake *** Thoryn - Alaskan Husky *** Ticktock - Beyaya *** Twitly - White Cotton Ostrich *** Tynk - Holiday Mini Bear *** Vyngynce - Falcon *** Woolenone - Black Sheep *** Wrayth - Bengal *** Wyndyr - White Flame Spider *** Wynk - Holiday Mini Bear *** Zoryn - Malamute ***