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IGN: Spkr (and many others)
Server: Alexina (mostly)
Channel: 5 (sometimes)

So uh, yeah... I am only part of the wiki to help edit, though know little to nothing about the different charts/tables. I'll try if needed though. :P

I suck at tables, so I'm gonna learn how to make them... :|

Character Gender Race
Spkr Female Human
Kitta Female Giant
Noki Female Elf

Character Gender Race Spirit
Spkr Female Human Dragon Blade
Kitta Female Giant Battle Hammer
Noki Female Elf Leather Long Bow

Character Race Gender
Spkr Human Female
Kitta Giant
Noki Elf
Skoons Human Male

Weapon Name Gender Character
Dragon Blade Jehr Male Spkr
Battle Hammer Patriarch Kitta
Leather Long Bow Keim Noki
Leather Long Bow Sister Female Aglaia

Character Gender Spirit Gender
Spkr Female Male
Aglaia Female
Kitta Female Male

Character Gender Spirit Gender Spirit Race
Spkr Female Male Human
Aglaia Female
Noki Male Elf

quicknote: sortable tables do not keep row/column edits.