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About me

well i'm still pretty much a newb using wiki formating

  • how do i do links
  • and how do i post pics here
  • and what with box little lines around it
  • this page under Mabinogi server maintenance.png

Achievements G7 completed G8 completed G9 completed Ice bolt Rank: 1 cooking Rank: 8 windmill Rank: 1

To do list(in genral) get spoiler format

To do list(Naota3) get rank 1 combat mastery(status: rank 3) get rank 1 smash(status: rank 6) get max rank synthesis get rank 1 water cannon(status: rank 7) get rank 1 flame burst (status: ???)

To do list (naoya3) rank blacksmith rank metluragy train tailoring and weaving

To do list (Naoto3) complete G1 learn final hit