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Mouseover box inline behavior

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Hi! So I noticed a couple funky things in some pages that used the times template, such as in the Daily Effects' intro paragraph in the Time page, where the "12:00AM PST" appeared on its own line, but where the times template was used in the bullet points, such as in the "Other Effects" section lower on the page, the times were inline. I was poking around with it see if there was a way for the time to appear inline with the surrounding text whether the template was used in a normal paragraph or a bulleted list, and my current theory is that the divs in the mouseoverbox template are what's causing the time to appear on its own line.

Both templates are currently protected probably for good reason, but I wanted to point this out to check if you think it's worth changing the divs to span elements, especially since I know the footprint of the mouseover box is quite large and it's used in a ton of places. ^^; Here's my little sandbox page that hopefully outlines the differences I've been seeing as well, if that helps at all

Starshine321 (talk)10:44, 31 December 2020

Took me a while to look this over sorry. You're right, changed to spans. I think at some point, MediaWiki must have changed how it handled paragraph breaking and divs, because this didn't used to be an issues, but I've noticed it since the last upgrade elsewhere too. :(

Kadalyn (talk)10:44, 7 January 2021

No worries! Thanks for taking the time to look into it and making that change. :D

Starshine321 (talk)15:27, 7 January 2021

oh no... okay now that I've looked at how the daily shadow missions template/table behave with with the change, it uh.. seems to have issues rendering the mouseover triggers when the mouseover template uses spans instead of divs, and I apologize for not having checked that when I was doing my testing :s

Starshine321 (talk)12:30, 8 January 2021

No worries, I should've checked. It's fixed now.

Kadalyn (talk)15:59, 8 January 2021

OTL the more I look into just how many places used mouseoverbox, the less sure I am of whether that edit in that template just created even more tech debt :'(... Something seems to behave a bit poorly in the abbr template as well, I first noticed it in the image policy section Mabinogi_World_Wiki:Policy#Images where there's a multi-line value being passed in for the contents. The contents (with the exception of the first line, which seems to have just disappeared) are just appearing on the page without hovering over the trigger, and the rest of the paragraph looks a bit off.

I noticed that the abbr template was wrapping the mouseoverbox template in some span elements, just like the daily sm template did, but I'm stumped on if the behavior can be fixed by similarly editing abbr, because just switching those elements from spans to divs (and then maybe styling it with display:inline or something so it's not a big ol' wide block) comes with its own set of issues. The trigger shows up in the html dom so hypothetically, it should be somewhere on the page, but it doesn't actually seem to be displaying anywhere :s I'm not too familiar with what else is going on with mouseoverbox's logic, I'm assuming there's some javascript magic somewhere that I don't know about, but I figured I'd just share yet another finding I stumbled upon 😢

Starshine321 (talk)14:51, 11 January 2021