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Stamina refills when you switch weapon slots?

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I just noticed this happening, not sure if it's a bug or what. If you're below a certain threshold of stamina when you switch weapons, you refill to a certain number. On this character (who has 125(106) max stamina) it refills to 25, and on my old main with 1118(999) max stamina it refills to 64. Just tested by leaving Spellwalk on and trying a couple combinations, It's weirdly unreliable if both hands in a set/slot (whatever it's called) are empty, and it seems like it happens more when you're switching to a weapon and not bare hands.

edit: (The threshold and the number it refills to are the same, the numbers in parenthesis are base stamina.)

This is just a wild guess but I assume it has something to do with talent stats... Uh, to clarify: by 'weapon' I mean anything you can hold. It even happens with Empty Bottle/Bottled Water.

(As I'm trying to test this it's just being crazy. Works eventually even without anything in any slot. If this is a bug it might just get progressively "worse" or...something...I have no idea.) I've played this game for like 7 years and I never noticed this.

Is it new? A bug? My higher-level character I tested it on is nowhere near beginners benefits, so if it's that it must be broken...?

In any case <.< I hope my first post on this wiki doesn't violate the "exploitable bugs" rule.

13:29, 27 May 2018

Hello, I believe this has to do with the amount of stamina that weapons require. For instance, dual wielding swords will take up a lot more stamina compared to a wand. I can see how this can be exploited but I never really thought about it.

18:26, 27 May 2018