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Glyph Level Rates

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I created a large number of glyphs from 6-star imprints (Expected Effect Level range of 7-10) with all r1 glyphwrighting skills. Below are the results. Note that the effect of 'Randomly hear suspicious whisper' does not have a corresponding level and is therefore not applicable.

  • Level 10: 131 count | 24.3%
  • Level 9: 146 count | 27.0%
  • Level 8: 133 count | 24.6%
  • Level 7: 127 count | 23.5%
  • Level NA: 3 count | 0.6%

Overall, the distribution between level 10/9/8/7 glyphs appears roughly equal, so I hypothesize that a random integer of the listed Expected Effect Level range is selected, with each having an equal probability. Additionally, it appears that that of the 105 glyph effects, a random effect is chosen, resulting in the quantity of level-less glyphs proportional to the quantity of level-less glyphs; 1:105.

Hematin (talk)22:41, 10 October 2021