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Enchant Notes

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Not sure of the current system limitations, but are the following changes being entertained at all;

  • Changing the 'Note: This Enchant has a 100% success rate' to a category (like Personalized or Enchant Rank Regardless), perhaps 'Guaranteed Success' in blue?
  • Adding an Asterisk (*) to a stat if it's incorrect (for instance, in Rainbow, making the enchant effects 'Will -10* ...appears as -20 on enchant scroll'), or alternatively allowing the note to be put right after the relevant stat (see Phoenix Wisdom for an example of here it is NOT right after the relevant stat)
    • Just a side note that this is not a problem if stats can be re-arranged so that the 'wrong' stat appears at the bottom, with the note underneath it.
      • In this example, the effect order is reversed from in-game, and thus the above would be true if the enchant effects were changed to mirror the in-game order.
  • Updating notes for if a typo appears on the enchant scroll only, or also on the item.
  • Perhaps just making notes a sortable column of its own?
Bronzebreak (talk)13:56, 8 October 2020