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Template:DataPlatinum Cog Blade Wings

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Platinum Cog Blade Wings |Desc=These Cog Blade Wings are the pinnacle of Victorian steam technology. In the steampunk era, everyone wanted to invent the perfect flying machine, and these wings show you've done precisely that! |Category=/equip/wing/activate_action/not_enchantable/not_dyeable/

|BuyPrice=20000 |SellPrice=2000 |Tradability=1 |Width=2 |Height=2 |Color1=0 |Color2=0 |Color3=0 |Durability=10000 |Upgrades=0

|HumanMale=y |HumanFemale=y |ElfMale=y |ElfFemale=y |GiantMale=y |GiantFemale=y

|ObtainList=*Steampunk Gachapon }}