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NA Server Merge (2019)

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After much discussion between our team here at Nexon America, and our partners in Nexon Korea, we've decided to merge three of the four servers into one. Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach will be merged together into a new server, the Nao server. The anticipated server merge date is Monday, June 3rd, and we expect the game to be down for long hours to make ample time for merging the data and testing. The decision to merge these three servers was not made lightly, and the biggest factor in this is that we wish to ensure a healthy server population and environment. As Alexina is the server with the healthiest population, once the other three servers are merged, the population of Nao and Alexina will be similar. We look forward to the new possibilities and memories that you will be forming on the Nao and Alexina servers.[1]



  • Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach will be merged together into a new server, the Nao server.
  • Certain features will be disabled for Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach servers from May 9th to June 3rd. These include:
    • New character, pet, and partner creation
    • Use of character cards or pet whistles
    • Guild creation and guild stone creation
    • Leasing a Taillteann farm will be disabled for all servers.


  • Pets, partners, characters and homesteads with duplicate names will have their name changed to 'Name+Server', e.g. Name+Mari, Name+Ruairi, Name+Tarlach.
    • Both duplicate names will be changed.
    • Character names without duplicates will be unchanged.
    • Name changes will be available in a later update.
    • Partners that incur a name change will have their likeability reset.
  • Accounts that have not logged in since June 3rd, 2017 will have their pet names changed.
    • E.g. Pet000000 ... Pet123456
    • Pet names cannot be changed back.

Bank / Inventory

  • Inventory items will remain unchanged.
    • The only exception are items that have been unbound by a Trade Unlock Potion. The current unbound effect will be lost and will need to be reapplied.
  • Gold and items in the bank across servers on an account will be merged
    • If the gold in the bank exceeds the account's bank limit, gold cannot be deposited.
  • Bank passwords will be reset and can be changed after the merge.
  • Items on the Auction House will likely be lost if not retrieved.
  • Items in the cash shop inventory will likely be lost if not retrieved.
  • Marketplace (housing) contents will not be merged.
    • The option to bid on a Shop will be temporarily turned off from May 16th until the merge date.
    • It's recommended to retrieve any items placed in the Marketplace Shop Inventory or any items in the 'Retrieve Items' menu accessed through the Marketplace bank NPC before the merge. Items may otherwise be lost.


  • Guild names will not be changed.
  • All guild stones will need to be placed again.
  • Any current Guardian Guilds prior to the merge will be reset

Reset Content

This content will be reset upon the merge:

  • Festia Weekly Ranking Board
  • MabiNovel Bulletin Board
  • Bard Bulletin Board
  • Fashion Contest Winner
  • Royal Alchemists and Upgrade Methods found by Royal Alchemists.
  • Seal Stones
    • The Seal Stones will need to be broken again in the new server, granting the respective Seal-Breaker titles to the character who breaks the seal.
    • Characters who obtained the Seal-Breaker title previously will still be able to use the Seal-Breaker title.
  • Main character selection for events will be reset.
  • General UI saved settings will be reset, including:
    • Hotkey bar placements
    • Extra skill slots
    • Saved pet organization and tabs
    • It is recommended to screenshot these settings so they may be reapplied.