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Metallurgy Skill Training Seal (10)

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For a list of Skill Training Seals, see here.


Inventory icon of Metallurgy Skill Training Seal (10)

1 × 1
Stack: 1,000

A seal that grants 10 Training EXP for the Metallurgy Skill.
Raises the overall EXP of a skill without modifying any of the training method counts. (Not tradable)


  • Adds 10 Skill EXP to the Metallurgy Skill.
  • Can be used on Novice Ranks.
  • Cannot be used on Rank 1 Skills.
  • Cannot be used on Dan Ranks.
  • Cannot be used on Transformation Skills.
  • Cannot be used on Demigod Skills.

Trade Limitations

  • Can be dropped but cannot be picked up by others.
  • Cannot be sold to others.
  • Cannot be traded with others.
  • Can be put in the bank and withdrawn by other characters.
  • Cannot be stored in a pet.
  • Cannot be sold to NPCs.
  • Will expire in 60 Days.

Methods to Obtain


  • Various Events