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Connous Beach Vacation Event - Magical Piece Details

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Magical Piece Details

  • You can receive Grade 1 Magical Pieces by several ways.
    • By defeating monsters at or above your level
    • By playing any of the four mini-games each day.
      • Each day resets at
        12:00am PDT
  • Magical Pieces come in several grades. Grade 1 being the lowest and Grade 5 being the highest.
  • If you stack two pieces of the same grade, it will upgrade it to the next grade.
    • To upgrade Grade 1 to Grade 2, you will need to stack 2 Magical Piece (Grade 1) together, then right-click it, and click "Use".
    • Every other grade will automatically upgrade when you stack them together.
  • You can use the pieces to exchange into EXP and AP or hoard enough Grade 5 pieces to exchange for a Cart of your own!
Icon Item Ability Points Experience Points
Magical Piece (Grade 1).png Magical Piece (Grade 1) 1 100% (of current character level)
Magical Piece (Grade 2).png Magical Piece (Grade 2) 3 300% (of current character level)
Magical Piece (Grade 3).png Magical Piece (Grade 3) 7 700% (of current character level)
Magical Piece (Grade 4).png Magical Piece (Grade 4) 15 1500% (of current character level)
Magical Piece (Grade 5).png Magical Piece (Grade 5) 35 3500% (of current character level)