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Fairy Village Event (2021)

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For the list of Fairy Village Events, see Fairy Village Events.
Fairy Village Event banner
August 26th, 2021 - September 9th, 2021


The Fairies of the Fairy Village need your help. Five of their villagers have gone missing while exploring the wide world of Erinn, and they need you to lend a hand and find their missing friends. The good news? All you need to do is lure the curious little Fairies out with your Life Skills![1]


  • During the event, you will receive the quest, [Event] Runaway Fairy.
  • Talk to the Fairy in Need in Dunbarton.
  • Register a main character with the Fairy in Need.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing [Event] Runaway Fairy:
    • Fairy Village Autumn Gift Box
    • 1,000 Gold
    • 5,000 EXP
  • You will also receive 50 Rainbow Drops.
    • Rainbow Drops will disappear after the event reset.
  • You will be given 50 Rainbow Drops daily.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT.

Daily Quest - Fairy Finder

  • You will receive the daily quest, [Event] Fairy Finder.
  • Find a Fairy 3 times a day to complete the daily quest.
  • Use Life Skills to draw the missing Fairies out of their hiding spots.
  • Each Fairy is attracted to their own set of Life Skills, and may appear if you use one of the following Life Skills:
    • Dressy: Sheep Shearing
    • Melty: Metallurgy, Mining
    • Munchy: Egg Gathering, Mushroom Gathering, Milking, Harvesting, Hoeing
    • Healthy: Herbalism
    • Woody: Carpentry (Firewood Chopping)
  • You'll also gain a growing boost to Life Skills related to the corresponding Fairy, up to 50%.
  • Fairies will take a piece of Rainbow Drops when you meet them, and will not come out if you do not have any candy left.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing the daily quest, [Event] Fairy Finder:
  • Once your Fairy Village is maxed out, you will stop receiving the daily quest, [Event] Fairy Finder.

Growing the Fairy Village

The Fairy's Tale

Fairy Village Gift (2021) Contents

The Fairy Village Gift will reward one of the following:

Randomly one of the following:

Fairy Village Autumn Gift Box (2021)

Get a Fairy Village Autumn Gift Box by completing the daily quest! Daily quest will require you to find any fairy 3 times, this will no longer work after all fairies have been found.

Randomly one of the following: