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Category:Jousting Appearance Scrolls

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  • This category is for Appearance Scrolls exclusively used in Jousting.[1]


  • These Appearance Scrolls affect the appearances of equipment used during the Jousting in-game event.
  • During Jousting, the player does not have full control over their character so it is not possible to switch between different lances or horses. The appearances shown are automatically determined according to the following rules:
    1. By default, all jousters will use the default Lance appearance and the default Horse appearance.
    2. If any one Lance Appearance Scroll is used, then that jouster will always use the new Lance appearance instead of the default one.
    3. If any second or subsequent Lance Appearance Scrolls are used, then the most recent Lance appearance will be used, and any previously used Lance appearances will be discarded.
    4. Same applies for Horse Appearance Scrolls.