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Category:Crusader Sub-Skills

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This category regroups the Crusader skills that are passive.


When using a Dogma, depending on the sub-skill learnt, different text shall be seen on-screen.

  • Common text:

You feel your awareness begin to blur...
The tips of your fingers tingle, then go numb...
Indescribable memories flow into your mind...
It feels like you are living someone's life, and then...
You hear a declaration, delivered in a distant, prayerful song...

Dogma of Warding

Sub-Skill Text
Giving Heart ... it is a wish to protect all, both great and small.
Healing Hands ... it is a wish to be filled with the grandness of nature.
Magic Dampening ... it is a wish to be beloved of all magics.
Guarded Footsteps ... it is a wish for each step ventured to light the path for those who shall follow.
Recovering Touch is a wish for tenderness to flow from one's very fingertips.

Dogma of Binding

Sub-Skill Text
Weighed Conscience ... it is a wish for the consciences of the guilty to bind them as a shackle.
Deepening Trust ... it is a wish to forever be bathed in the light of Eweca.
Spreading Faith ... it is to stand strong, even should the very earth below tremble.
Wounding Soul ... it is a wish to possess an iron will in the face of corruption.
Sinful Thorns ... it is a wish for those who walk in the way of inequity to tread the path of thorns.

Dogma of Smiting

Sub-Skill Text
Stronger Power ... it is a wish for the light of justice to illuminate all the world.
Binding Needle ... it is a wish for the light of justice to shine eternally.
Breaking Lies ... it is a wish to save the souls hidden beneath masks of falsehood.
Christening Blades ... it is the wish to strike with the piercing force of a mighty sword.
Holy Vitality ... it is a wish for a draught from the bottomless wellspring, that one's thirst might be quenched.