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Castle Bidding Guide for Guild Master

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Castle Bidding Guide for Guild Master[1]
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A book that features the how-to on the Guild Master becoming the landlord, and what the landlord can do. It says if you have engaged in a bidding on the site of the castle, then you must read this book.''

Obtain From Information board infront of the castle.
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by The Royal Estate Development Committee


Thank you for deciding to bid on the Castle manor of the residential area. This manor is in an area that has had much significance since the ancient times, when it was the very grounds where mankind established final victory over the Fomors during Tuatha Dé Danann wars.

This book will be distributed to all who are interested in bidding on becoming the Lord of the Manor of the region and this is a Guidebook compiled for potential guildmasters of each region to inform them of the bidding process, and areas to watch out for after you have won the bid on the manor.

For your information, you can only participate in bidding on a castle manor if you are a guildmaster.

Book housing guildmaster00.jpg

The Significance of Bidding

As you already know, your intentions to participate in bidding for a castle manor is a kind of contract with the King to rule over this region. In other words, the guild that wins the bid for this manor is responsible for building the symbol of the Lord, the Castle, and utilizing the wealth accumulated in the castle to develop the land by building houses and ruling over the citizens of your castle dominion in a covenant granted by the grace of the King.

As a result, even if you are the winning bidder on this manor if you fail to build a castle and neglect from developing the land it will be assumed that you either do not have the ability or intention to develop the manor and the manor will be sequestered from you by the power of a Royal Ordinance. Once the manor has been confiscated, the manor will once again be open for bidding amongst guilds that have proved their ability to build a castle. Please keep this in mind.

This type of treatment may be hard to accept but the Royal highness truly wishes to see this land recover its vitality and properity of its glorious past. Please remember that selecting a Milletian Lord of the Manor in this area is just one of the ways for His highness to achieve that dream.

The Bidding Process

As I have explained earlier, the right to bid on the castle's manor is only granted to guildmasters.

Book housing guildmaster01.jpg

The winning bid is granted, as publicly announced earlier, to the highest bidding individual guildmaster that offers a bid on the land. The winning bidder is granted the ownership of the manor. Guilds who are not with the winning bidder will have their bid money returned. Please note that because the amount of money that is exchanged on behalf of guilds are very large, any information pertaining to the bidding process are kept private.

The results of the bidding will be posted on the manor's bulletin board etc. on the designated time at the end of all the bidding.

Constructing the Castle: Guidelines for the Winning Guild

The most pressing responsibility that falls on the winning guild is the construction of the castle. Castle constructions are extremely difficult and require great amounts of professionalism and while the construction is carried out by laborers dispatched by the royal courts, all the necessary executional details with regard to building the castle fall under the jurisdiction of the guild members.

Book housing guildmaster03.jpg

On the bulletin board in the entryway of the castle manor is a list of all the necessary materials and items that are required for constructing the castle, and you will be responsible for gathering all the materials prior to the start of the construction and then to move everything to the loading area. If there are not enough materials, the construction of the castle will end up in a failure leading the royal courts to decide that your guild has no intention of developing the manor to which they will respond by sequestering all the land and enter into a new bidding process. So please take great care.

Please also note that even if you end up failing to build the castle in the final stages of the construction, all the assets and costs that have been paid for bidding on the manor and obtaining materials for the castle are non-refundable and non-reimbursable.

It seems like a difficult task, but if you can accomplish bringing all the materials to the loading area within the timeframe the castle should get built without much trouble.

Managing the Castle

Once the castle is built, it will be called 'Dugald Castle' or 'Sen Mag Castle', and the guildmaster of the winning guild becomes the Lord of the Manor. The guildmaster will from thereon have dominion over the castle and the residential land. The castle's security will be enforced by the military force directly dispatched by the royal courts, and all members of the guild, including the guildmaster may freely enter and exit the castle.

Book housing guildmaster05.jpg

The central room of the castle is also known as the Room of Covenants, and is where the guild stone is embedded and displayed. This room is where the Castle's policies and issues concerning the guild are discussed.

Book housing guildmaster06.jpg

One of the most important aspects of managing the castle is managing the castle's assets. The Lord of the Manor, i.e. guildmaster, can decide whether to bring the guild's assets to the castle or to establish a tax rate on the residents. In other words, this is where the management of the castle's assets takes place on a regular basis.

The guildmaster, i.e. the Lord of the Manor, is given two rights as well as responsibilities. These include the construction of homes and administrating the bidding on the homes.

Home Constructions

Once the castle is constructed, the Lord of the Manor, i.e. guildmaster can start building homes in the residential areas using the castle's assets. The construction is carried out by laborers sent by the Royal Courts so the Lord of the Manor only needs to decide on the types of homes and their looks, and the corresponding tax rate.

In the event that the homes do not suit the guildmaster's taste, the guildmaster has the right to demolish the homes and to rebuild them, or to fix the appearance of the home by remodeling.

Book housing guildmaster08.jpg

Once the homes are built, the homes are then open for tender by Milletian citizens of the manor. The guildmaster must, however, be present at the home him/herself and be the one to make the public announcement about the open tender in order for the bidding to actually take place.

Opening the Homes for Bidding

As for the bidding on homes, the guildmaster is responsible for the following two things: first, what will be the minimum bid, and second, what will be the tax rate.

The bidding process for the homes pretty much follows the same processes as that of bidding on the castle manor except the fact that the people bidding on the homes are ordinary Milletians rather than guilds. Basing their bids on the minimum bid amount set by the guildmaster without knowledge of anyone else's bid, the person with the highest bid offered within the timeframe will be granted the right to lease the home.

The minimum bid amount set by the guildmaster is significant in that he/she is establishing the basic price on the home.

The winning bid amount is a sort of a down payment on the home, but it is not added to the castle's asset. When the lease agreement expires, however, 5% of the final winning bid amount will be paid to the castle as its asset.


Another area that the guildmaster must take careful consideration of, are taxes. That is because all residents of the Manor are required to pay taxes to the guild to which the Lord of the Manor belongs. Our gracious King has announced that anyone who can develop this land will be given Lordship over this region without any tributes or taxes required, which means that any taxes paid by the residents of the Manor will go straight to the guild to which the castle belongs. Only 10% of the taxes paid will be needed for the maintenance of the castle, the remaining 90% of which goes straight into the castle's assets. In short, the tax rate established by the guildmaster is, essentially, the income stream for the castle.

Book housing guildmaster11.jpg

Tax rates are not applied to the bid amount or the minimum bid amount on the home, but actually on the construction cost of the home. Also some retain the overall structure of the home, but decide to remodel either the interior or exterior part of the home to suit their own style. All additional costs that are accrued for such remodelling are added to the total construction cost and are therefore subject to taxation. Please keep this in mind.

Also keep in mind that if the tax rate is overly high, the residents of your manor will become increasingly discontent which can in turn limit the growth and prosperity of your manor so please decide on the tax rate with great care.

Taxes are paid once per year in Erinn time, and are added to the castle's own assets.

Other Points of Caution

Even for castles that are constructed by highly skilled laborers there is a lifespan, as with all things constructed by men. The castle is no exception, and parts of the castle may fall or age with time. If there was a proper way to restore the materials, there would be little to worry about, but there is no known method to restore an already complete castle that is disintegrating as of yet. If a castle falls, the Lord of the Manor will lose his/her dominion over the manor, and the manor will again be open for tender, according to the royal ordinance.

In such an instance, all the assets that belong to the castle will be returned to the guild.

Book housing guildmaster12.jpg

In Conclusion

Becoming a winning bidder of a Castle manor and governing that manor is one of the most effective ways to grow a guild's assets.

Moreover, if the castle and manor are governed with the above information in mind your guild is sure to build a glorious legacy throughout Erinn's history.

Please refer to this book whenever you have any questions about the management and/or operations of the castle manor.