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Avelin the Wrap Artist

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Portrait of Avelin the Wrap Artist
Avelin the Wrap Artist
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Festia Guide
Location Festia 11 O'Clock,
Next to Fez
For the original NPC, see Avelin.


  • Avelin the Wrap Artist was an NPC present during the Mystery in Erinn Event.
  • She participated in the main event quest.


NPC Maps - Avelin the Wrap Artist.png


Avelin the Wrap Artist
  • Blathanblarg bipbap zom!
  • ...!
  • (It seems impossible to talk to the I'll-Ban Knights at the moment. There must be some way...)
Avelin the Wrap Artist
  • Have you seen the login screen lately? It's definitely worth a look.
Avelin the Wrap Artist
  • Welcome, <player>! I'm Avelin, proud member of the I'll-Ban Knights. I'm in charge of wrapping gifts.
    You seem somewhat familiar for some reason, but I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, nice to meet you.
  • Within the I'll-Ban Knights, my role is as the manager in charge of keeping all our schedules coordinated.
    Recently, I recruited two rookies to work the balloon stand. One of them is performing admirably,
    but has a bad habit of treating Milletians with disrespect.
    The other is...very enthusiastic, which would ordinarily be a great quality to have, but in this case, it's a little overboard.
  • Is there ANYONE out there I could hire who'd just be a mix of the best parts of both of them?
    *sigh* At this point, I'm almost worried to hear what their next gaffe will be--and there will be one, I'm sure.
  • Avelin the Wrap Artist Idle quotes
  • Oh my gosh... Such fancy clothes!
  • I hear Altam screwed up big time selling balloons... Again.


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