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Revamping the current way to keep track of, and record in-game monsters and their related data. Created a category for the gritty stuff, since i worked with the existing template to create my own.

  • Instead of working with Instance > Monster like currently, the new layout aims to bring all unique monsters under one page and have their instances/data as a subpage.
    • Example: the Black Ship Rats found in Rundal Hardmode would, instead of having their own page, be under Black Ship Rat/Rundal Hardmode.
  • The main monster page lists off common things like gallery, and certain stats that cannot be easily calculated, AI notes, and the sub-page lists all data.
  • CP will be kept as a legacy within the table data code, but will not be shown on the data template nor the monster page, as it is impossible to get this data without mining. This will make it so the old semantic CP lists don't die.
  • Monster Families will have their own infobox template as well.
    • Field Monsters need to be separated from non-field; this has yet to be figured out. Perhaps a rule to be added in the Sub-page naming?
    • Issues stem from the exact locations where the field monster can be found in, as there typically are multiple locations the same monster can be found. (Ex: Red fox in tir vs red fox in taillteann)
  • 2023-12-04 update: Unless there are exceptions to the rule, field monsters will just get filed under /Field. If a field monster has different stats, it'll get its own location (Ex: Red Fox/Field (Sliab Mis) or Red Fod/Field/Sliab Mis. not sure yet.
    • Added support for map locations on the instance template. will also do one for the infobox meant to go on family pages.
    • How to manage these ingame field locations? Separate maps pinpointing the exact location? A generic area highlight? Amount of maps / monster + the map size is to be taken in account. Must be small enough (+-250-300px wide max) to not over-bloat the rest of the template.
  • 2024-01-05: Just can't get the element part of the table to work. Entire project is on pause until that gets figured out, but once it is, everything should be set to go to testing phase on a monster proper.

In-Game Locations:

Worked on a new layout.

  • Down the line, Form-ifying it would be nice, but rn it's not super needed.
  • I initially removed the resource maps, but these should probably be put back as static PNGs instead of a dynamic map. The map icons category can and will be used for this.
  • Uladh Locations are mostly done with this new format as of writing this post.
    • 2023-12-04 update: Most of Iria is now done.
    • 2023-12-30 update: All pages are now done. Resource maps left to do as well as fill in some additional pictures. Will need to review Amenities/Facilities list for uniformity. Maybe make pages on the facilities available to players with their services?


Worked on a new layout.

All non-generation, non-event NPCs are done as of now.

  • There still needs to be some more work to account for every little exception because Mainstream NPCs love to be outliers.
  • My 10th sandbox currently serves as a test ground to revamp the Infobox template for NPCs. Tabs are functional with it, which will allow for NPCs which have differing portraits in separate generations (Such as Altam, Vayne and Talvish) to be properly covered instead of put in the gallery section.
  • Not too sure on how to handle the details right now, but that's to be figured out.

Next after: Keywords and NPC categories.

  • Make the NPC/Keywords page the actual source for a semantified keyword page (so the text in 'Private Story' isn't actually on that page but separated through every npc that has a response to it.)
  • NPC categories need a complete overhaul to actually reflect and sort the multiple types of NPCs we have. The current setup is no good. (Giant (Mainstream NPC) is bad, for instance)

Game Scripts

I've created a guide for editors on how to write scripts. Been working on updating scripts with that format (as it makes it more readable for someone willing to go through it), as well as filling in the missing ones.

Dungeons and Missions

  • Drop semantics still need to happen, but pages were separated by dungeons, with Lint's help.
  • Missions need to move away from the MissionTemplate; it is unusable and very unfriendly to edit.
  • Lord Missions as well need to be made uniform through all types.
    • Might be better to create a layout similar to Area page and NPC page so ppl can just copypaste it when new instances are added
  • Iria Dungeons and Generation Dungeons still need to be brought up to the newer format.
  • Generational Shadow Missions should be phased out of wiki; they are not worth the time and effort to properly log when most of the information can simply be put in the originating generation or event quest dialogue. Monster data can also be temporarily listed there, assuming we have a proper setup for them. It was brought to my attention that for semantics those pages could be used. Someone probably needs to document them fully, but it won't be me for a long while considering all the other stuff going on.
    • For the time being, I've made the shadow mission names colored red with the color template, but this could also be reworked/thought on later.
    • Food for thought: are event missions/dungeons worth this type of in-depth work?


  • Created navigation boxes for certain content. More are likely needed in order to help navigation through similar topics. Feel free to poke me if more are needed.


  • It is bad form to have an item listed in the category while being a part of a sub-category itself.
  • I've cleaned the Items category at face value, but deeper work is still required there.
  • Weapons and Equipment categories are a mess, and would require working with the StyleEquip template. I don't feel at ease messing with it right now.
  • Every single userpage should be moved away from the category spaces. Same with back-end wiki pages that were put in a category, or pages better fit as a userpage.


  • There needs to be consolidating of all variants of a potion to a single page. Otherwise, it only creates page bloat and serves no real purpose for players.
  • I've temporarily created a 'potion variant' aspect on the form, but I couldn't make it work. It might be better to do away with it entirely.... Not sure how to proceed on that front. removed it entirely from the form. too complicated. Project set to Later TM, but it will need to be done all at once to be consistent with the changes.
Posted by Ivy on 5 November 2023 at 15:33.
Edited by Ivy on 27 April 2024 at 11:32.

Monster Update:

  • Gwyllion page is up as a demonstration/practical example. Monster data is not accurate to provide a wider example of cases. Please review and reply to this thread if you have any queries about the setup, though I will also reach out to the official discord.
  • Format as a whole is pretty much set to go, awaiting our beautification director's go as well as some loose ends to tie up, namely with peeling information.
    • Might template-ify the field to keep textual uniformity throughout the pages.
  • Will proceed with creating monster passives currently missing on wiki and separating the conflated 'advanced heavy stander' into its correct, separated immunities and resistances.

And then, boom! New monster template implementation phase. We're pretty close, folks! I can see the liiiighht orz


  • Need to finalize the monster family-specific infobox.
  • Monster Family pages might get broken when the switch to the new format occurs.

Posted by Ivy on 1 March 2024 at 19:28.
Edited by Ivy on 1 March 2024 at 19:28.