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Winter Fishing Event

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Winter Fishing Event banner
January 18th, 2018 - February 7th, 2018


Something fishy is going on in Physis. Travel to the Reus River to find Jan and his pal trying to fish for some smelt. They'll give you some bait and quests that will smelt you away. Check out the fishy details here![1]


  • Head on down to Physis to find Jan and his pal for our new fishing event.
  • Upon log in you will receive a guide quest, Jan's Request. Once this quest is completed, every other character on the account will no longer have this quest.
  • Jan can be found next to the Reus River Mana Tunnel.
  • Talk to Jan to register a main character.
  • Once a character is registered, that character will receive a Snowfield L-Rod (Event) and a stack of Glacier Smelt Bait Feeder (Event).
  • Use the Snowfield L-rods to find fishing holes along the river.
  • Bring Jan some Glacier Smelts to receive rewards depending on the amount you bring him. Please be aware the Phishy Phobia in Physis quest must be in progress to receive the rewards.
  • To get more bait complete the daily quest , "Be the One Who Smelt it and Dealt It."
  • To create a fishing hole in the river, human and elves must use Snowfield L-rods. However, Giants can use Stomp to open one.
  • You will receive 100 bait each day for logging in on the character you registered as a main character.
  • Bait will be received the day after you register a main character.

Hot Days Details

Log in on the listed days below to be able to receive 70x Iceberg Smelt Bait Feeder. You must re-log, or change channels for the hot days.

   Saturday, January 20th
   Sunday, January 21st
   Saturday, January 27th
   Sunday, January 28th
   Saturday, February 3rd
   Sunday, February 4th


Old Fish Trap Rewards

Phishy Phobia in Physis Rewards