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Shoot for the Stars Event (2021)

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Shoot for the Stars Event (2021) Advertisement
July 15th, 2021 - August 21st, 2021


Astro needs your help getting into the Royal Society of Astronomy! Research different topics and obtain research points to help Astro. Check out the details below. [1]


  • During the event, you will receive the quest [Guide] Shoot for the Stars!
  • Find Astro in Dunbarton near the Church.
  • Register a main character with Astro.
  • You can only register one character per account.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing [Guide] Shoot for the Stars:
    • 20,000 EXP
    • 2,000 Gold
  • You will also receive Astro's Journal.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT.

Research Tasks

The UI for the Journal.
  • Use Astro's Journal to view the daily research tasks.
  • There are 5 Research Topics:
    • Logic
    • Celestial Mechanics
    • Astrophysics
    • Observational Astronomy
    • Planetary Science
  • Each Research Topic has different tasks you can do to accumulate Research Points.
  • To advance to the next rank of research, reach 100 Research Points and click on Advance.
  • There are 15 ranks of research for topic.
Research Topics Task Research Points Daily Limit Daily Points Max Points Earned
Logic Daily Attendance 30P 1x 30P 1050P
Stay logged in for 10 minutes 3P 10x 30P 1050P
Celestial Mechanics Clear the Society Sponsored Life Quests 20P 3x 60P 2100P
Astrophysics Clear Daily Shadow Missions 20P 2x 40P 1400P
Defeat 100 Monsters 20 P 1x 20P 700 P
Observational Astronomy Clear the Society Sponsored Battle Quests 45P 3x 135P 4725P
Planetary Science Clear 1 of 3 new Intermediate Dungeons (Math\Rabbie\Barri) 40P 1x 40P 1400 P
Clear 1 of 4 new Shadow Missions:
Tara: Shadow Realm Champion or Sniper War
Taillteann: All-Out War or Let Them Fight
40P 1x 40P 1400P
Clear the 7 new dungeons and missions for the first time 100P 7x 700P 700P


Astro's Journal (Achievement Quest)

  • Rank up your research to Rank 15 for each of the five Research Topics to receive the following rewards:
    • Royal Academy Crystal New! x1 per area of study completed (up to 5 in total)
      • Using a Royal Academy Crystal will double the rewards of a Society Sponsorship Quest.
  • Once you rank up all five research topics to Rank 15, talk to Astro to receive the following rewards:

Astro's Research Boxes

Each time you rank up a research topic, you will receive 1 Astro's Research Box, depending on your ranking. Each box comes with a guaranteed reward as well as one item from the reward box according to the item's drop rate, including the Homestead R.S.A. Tent Figure (Bonus Damage +1%, Max Damage +5, STR +7), and the Homestead Melwyn Sequel Figure (Critical Damage +3%, INT +6).

Attendance Check Event

July 15th, After Maintenance - August 12th, Before Maintenance

  • Talk to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton in front of the Statue to register a main character.
    • Your character must be above cumulative level 30.
  • Once registered, you will receive an Erinn Attendance Book.
  • Stay logged in for 36 minutes to receive a stamp on the book and receive the reward for that day.

Event Prizes: