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Halloween Coin Collection Event

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Halloween Coin Collection Event banner
October 19th, 2017 - November 15th, 2017


Halloween is here and it 's time to harvest some pumpkins! Stop on by Tir Chonaill Graveyard to help the Pumpkin Farmer retrieve his missing Pumpkin Coins. Collect enough coins for some boo-tastic prizes, like the Witch Kitty Chair or the Halloween Vampire Studio Set. Check out all of the spooky details![1]


  • Log in and register your main character at the Pumpkin Farmer in the Tir Chonaill Graveyard.
  • The Pumpkin Farmer appears from 6 PM to 6 AM in-game time.
  • You must change channel after selecting a main character .
  • You must complete the quests before 7 am PDT time.
  • Talk to the Pumpkin Farmer once per day to receive a 2017 Pumpkin Box. This resets at 7 am.
  • Coin and login rewards are listed below:
    • Login for 7 consecutive days for 1 Jack O'Lantern Coin
    • Login for 10 consecutive days for 2 Jack O'Lantern Coins
    • Login for 15 days (non-consecutive) for a Freakishly Flawless / Eerily Elegant Title Coupon
    • Receive 5 Pumpkin Coins when logging in on the weekend instead of the usual amount.
    • Stay logged in daily for 30 minutes to receive 2 Pumpkin Coins.
    • Login consecutively each day to receive 2 Pumpkin Coins.
    • Complete a daily shadow mission quests to receive 1 Pumpkin Coin.
      • After completing one you will get one for the other, allowing you to receive a total of 2 Pumpkin Coins.
      • The quest doesn't specify which daily shadow mission to complete, you may do either in any order.


Pumpkin Farmer's Shop

2017 Pumpkin Box

Halloween Pumpkin Box.png A box containing many items sold by the pumpkin farmer. Open it to perhaps obtain an item like a drawstring pouch, a Halloween Totem, or Halloween homestead decorations!
Expires after 15 days.


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