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Connous Beach Vacation Event

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Connous Beach Vacation Event banner
July 19th, 2018 - August 9th, 2018


It's time to have some fun under the sun! Head to the Connous Beach Metallurgy Site to take a load off and get a sweet tan. Each day you will receive a Vacation Box and a cocktail. Earn coins to redeem for some cool prizes, like the Aloha Polar Bear Whistle, Aloha White Elephant Whistle, Couple's Aloha Vacation Wear Box, and much more! Check out the full details here! [1]


  • Log in during the event period to receive a Wings of a Goddess to the Connous Beach Metallurgy Site.
    • These wings give the player the choice to teleport to the south Connous Beach Metallurgy Site, Dunbarton Square, Taillteann Shadow Mission Board or Tara Shadow Mission Board. They have a 10 minute cooldown between uses.
  • Register a main character at Hafgan located inside the Tropical Pineapple Drink Stand.
  • Once you registered your main character, you will receive a cocktail and a Vacation Box.
  • Talk to Hafgan once per day to receive a Vacation Box and a cocktail. This resets at midnight PDT.
    • The free daily cocktail received depends on the day of the week:
Day Cocktail Cocktail Effect
Monday June Bug Gain 500% Experience
Tuesday Cosmopolitan Fully restores HP, MP and SP
Wednesday Mojito Gain 50AP
Thursday Martini Meditation Potion
Friday Blue Hawaii 360% Shadow Mission rewards
Saturday Pina Colada Gain 40% Movement Speed
Sunday Long Island Iced Tea 2x All Skill EXP
  • Coins are gained as below:
    • Weekdays Daily Login - 1 Vacation Coin
    • Weekday Consecutive Login - 1 Vacation Coin
    • Stay logged in for 36 minutes - 2 Vacation Coins
    • Login on the weekend - 5 Vacation Coins
    • Complete a daily Shadow Mission of Tara - 1 Vacation Coin
    • Complete a daily Shadow Mission of Tailteann - 1 Vacation Coin
    • Login for 7 consecutive days - 1 Special Vacation Coin
    • Login for 10 consecutive days - 2 Special Vacation Coin
    • Login for a total of 15 days - Dazzling Dude/Brilliant Babe 1st Title Coupon (Luck +25)
    • Login for a total of 18 days - Ray of Sunshine 2nd Title Coupon


Hafgan's Shop

Vacation Box

Pet Whistles




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