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A Mysterious Request

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A Mysterious Request
April 1stth, 2024 - April 4th, 2024


Soɯǝʇɥᴉuɓ’s ɐɯᴉss ᴉu Ʇɐɹɐ. ⅄on ɥǝɐɹ ɐ ɔɹʎ ɟoɹ ɥǝld… ɟɹoɯ ɐu nuǝxdǝɔʇǝp dǝɹsou. Mɥo ɔonlp ᴉʇ qǝ ɐup ʍɥɐʇ ɔonlp ʇɥǝʎ dossᴉqlʎ ʍɐuʇ? Ʇɥᴉs ɯɐʎ qǝ ʎonɹ ɯosʇ pɐuɓǝɹons ɯᴉssᴉou ʎǝʇ…[1]

Happy April Fools’ Day, Milletians! No fooling here, this is a real event. We hope your day is full of heart laughs, silly pranks, and wonderful times with friends!~


Mysterious Request
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event duration.

Briefing Oh, Milletian! Uh... did you get my letter? I really hope you got it...
  • Accept the letter writer's request
    • Read the Unsigned Letter and click the 'move' option. Speak to the Tara Guild Stone.
  • Talk to Guild Stone again
  • Talk to Eavan and ask about the Authentication request
    • The wrong icons are: Handicraft, Critical Hit, and Windmill.
  • Talk to Ferghus and ask about the Authentication Request
    • The captcha is: my ahnd sipped
  • Talk to Ruwai and ask about the Authentication Request
    • The correct answer is 401.
  • Go back to where the Guild Stone was and talk to the Mysterious Young Man.