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Battle for Taillteann I

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For a quick comparison of shadow missions and difficulties, see Category:Shadow Mission Lists.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • Defeat the enemies in nine different locations throughout Shadow Taillteann.
  • After the first two locations have been cleared, the path will split up and enemies will spawn in two separate areas at a time.
    • If you take too long to eliminate the sets of enemies, the mission will auto-fail.
  • The final set of enemies is behind a large wall at the designated point on the map. You cannot enter it until you've defeated all other enemies.
  • There may be Ice Mines lying around. Use L-Rods to detect them so that you may destroy them using ranged or magical attacks.
  • You may choose the difficulty of the mission. See Shadow Missions for more information.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Taillteann
  • Party Size: 1~4
  • Time Limit: 40 minutes


Click to enlarge. Boss room is marked in red. The south gate is also marked; this is where the first mob spawns.

Overtake Taillteann Shadow Mission Map.png


Monster Spawn Patterns