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Utawarerumono Shuffle

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Say hello to Utawarerumono as the classic Anime, Manga and Game franchise makes its way to the wonderful world of Mabinogi! Grab new outfits based on the traditional Japanese and Aino outfits favored by the characters of Utewarerumono[1]

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Utawarerumono- The False Faces Shuffle

2 × 2


Name Utawarerumono- The False Faces Shuffle
Description A shuffle card that will grant you one of the nine random Utawarerumono:The False Faces items.
Sold By None NPC Resale Value  ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from Dec. 15, 2016 - Jan. 11, 2017 for 3,500 NX)
  • Can be bought from the Web Shop for 3,500 NX

How it Works

Utawarerumono Shuffle Example.gif

  • After purchasing, right-click and use the Shuffle Card in your inventory, the potential items to obtain will be shown to you for 3 seconds
  • Afterwards, the cards will be shuffled and you will be asked to select one, rewarding you with that prize