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Question about deletion of some Reforge effects...

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Alright somebody finally got a screenshot of one of them in NA for me to check out so I'm restoring them with a minor change or two.

So a few things to note here.

1 - There's no reforges for the Frozen Blast skill itself, which is why I took them down... but it turns out that Frozen Blast's stats are actually modified as core stats and not skill stats for some reason (like crit, str, and so on). So searching for those (opposed to the skill variables) I was able to find the Frozen Blast bonuses.

2 - The text for the bonuses is hardcoded as well which is why I didn't find them that way, and it also seems that the one in the screenshot is called "range" right now in NA, but it's definitely the angle instead (as the value is 1 per rank and a distance of 1 unit is nothing in-game, also the previous listing said angle anyway). However since the in-game text calls it "range", I'm leaving it as that so people can match the in-game text to what's on the wiki.

Rydian (talk)04:14, 1 March 2018